Highgrove Whitewell 2000 Pocket Spring Divan Set


Highgrove Whitewell 2000 Pocket Spring Divan Set

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The Whitewell is a premium quality divan set that includes a mattress which has been crafted with quality and comfort in mind by our own sleep experts. Boasted 2000 individual pocket springs the Whitewell offers superior comfort, support and luxury. Due to its high build quality and premium materials, the Whitewell outperforms many mattresses that are twice the price. The comfort layer of the Whitewell is made up of luxurious fillings such as cashmere, lambswool and silk. These combined with the pocket spring offer the ultimate sleeping surface that is supremely comfortable, supportive, durable and is ideal for anyone with a restless partner due to the ability to vastly reduce movement transfer from sleeping partners. To top it off the Whitewell comes with a ten-year warranty for peace of mind. This divan set is available with a fantastic platform top base with a range of drawer options to choose from. This base is also available as an ottoman, all with a selection of stunning fabrics and colours.

  • Pocket Springs – Individual springs are wrapped in a fabric pocket and then glued or stitched together. By connecting the fabric pockets together but not the individual springs, it allows for free movement of the springs. This free movement of springs allows for complete tailored support for each sleeper with no motion transfer and is often considered a superior spring system. Each pressure point is supported and your weight evenly distributed as each pocket spring contours to your shape offering unrivalled support and comfort.
  • Cashmere –  A luxury natural material that is both incredibly soft and smooth, with a very durable outer layer. The fine soft Underdown is lighter and more insulating than other wools, cashmere also offers moisture-wicking properties making it great for keeping you cool and dry.
  • Lambswool – Since lambswool comes from young sheep, it is the softest wool that will ever come from the sheep since it comes from the sheep’s first shearing. It’s extremely downy and soft to the touch. As well as this, lambswool shares many of the same traits as regular wool such as it being breathable, while also being a natural insulator; naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites & naturally water repellent and moisture-wicking.
  • Silk – A luxury fibre that is both breathable and a natural temperature regulator, with moisture-absorbing properties making for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Silk is also the strongest of natural fibres and hypoallergenic making for a healthier sleeping surface.
  • 10 Year Warranty – If you find a fault usually within the amount of time stated it will be repaired but anytime after that, you will pay a percentage of the cost of the repairs for the work to be carried out.
  • Platform Top Base – This base is a supportive and firm surface between your mattress and storage area (if applicable). This base is constructed with a strong timber base, upholstered with fabric and overall, provides a firm foundation for your mattress to rest on.

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