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Relyon Latex is 100 percent natural and Relyon are able to pour this liquid into the molds in varying densities to achieve various tensions. The Superior Comfort Latex Pillow also comes with a removable, zipped cotton/polyester cover for extra hygiene. The Latex unit at the heart of this pillow features the unique Pincore construction, which uses thousands of tiny interconnecting air pockets to provide a built-in ventilation system to allow the Relyon Superior Comfort Pillow to stay fresh and cool throughout the night. Relyon Superior Comfort size: 71cm x 48cm (28″ x 19″) approx.

The Relyon Superior comfort pillow is a very well made pillow as far as pillows are concerned. The official Relyon Latex lasts for a very long time (I have personally owned one for over 7 years) and the removable cover is a quality fabric that has been constructed to a very high standard.

Relyon pillows have managed to retain their quality over the years and do not disappoint. They may seem expensive compared to cheaper pillows on the market but they are more than capable of lasting much longer than the combined lifespan of four to five cheaper pillows.
How Do They Feel?

Although the Superior Comfort is classed as being firmer than the Serenity, I would by no means class it as a firm pillow. The majority of people I have witnessed try them are immediately impressed, especially if they are used to hollow fibre or Memory Foam Pillows. Unlike memory foam, the Superior Comfort adjusts to your head immediately, comfortably supporting your head and neck at the right height with absolutely no pressure.

The first thing you notice when you hold the pillow is it’s weight, giving you a good impression of the quality of the materials inside whilst the cover has a nice, soft feel to it which adds to the luxury. When you place your head on the pillow you are welcomed by the soft comfort the pillow offers before firming up to provide the support.

Whichever way you sleep, whether it be on your front, back or side, the Relyon, for the majority, works wonders in both support and comfort.

The Superior Comfort is the deeper pillow out of the signature range. Sitting approximately 25mm (1 inch) deeper, 50mm (2 inches) longer and 25mm (1 inch) wider than the slimmer Serenity.

The pillow’s dimensions are approximately 150mm (6 inches) deep, 400mm (17 inches) wide, 710mm (28 inches) long.

The Relyon Superior Comfort Latex Pillow is a beautiful pillow. It held it’s position as one of, if not the best, pillows available on the market. It’s simple design and fantastic materials have made it a firm favourite with many, including myself, and the lifespan it offers is exceptional.

The only thing that tends to put people off purchasing a Relyon Superior Comfort is the price tag it holds, especially when buying two. What I can say is, if you want a pillow that is supportive, comfortable, lasts for many years and comes from a manufacturer with an exceptional record, then the Relyon Superior Comfort Pillow should definitely be considered.


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