• how to fit a headboard

    How to fit a headboard to a bed - Headboard fitting instructions

    October, 2017
    Fitting a new or existing headboard to your bed is a relatively simple task. In most cases, headboards are fixed to the bed with bolts that screw into the divan...
  • headboard on new bed

    Will my headboard fit a new bed?

    October, 2017
    You may have a really nice headboard that fits your room decor or even a headboard that you love so much you are struggling to find anything that comes...
  • bedframe or divan

    Which is best a bed frame or a divan base set?

    October, 2017
    People tend to make the choice between divans and bed frames for different reasons. Bed frames tend to be chosen for their design and divans for their small footprint...
  • old divan base replacement

    Should I replace an existing bed base when purchasing a new mattress?

    October, 2017
    When purchasing a new mattress many prefer the idea of using keeping existing base, saving their budget for the mattress. This guide explains why this always a great idea...
  • sprung base

    What is a sprung base?

    October, 2017
    When choosing a new bed you may have come across the term sprung base. The problem is, you aren't exactly sure what one is and what they do for...
  • turnable and non turnable mattresses

    Turnable and non-turnable mattresses

    October, 2017
    When looking for a new mattress you may have come across the terms turnable and non-turnable mattresses. The question is what are turnable and non-turnable mattresses and why would...
  • difference between quilted and tufted mattresses

    Difference between quilted and tufted mattresses

    October, 2017
    There are many people that simply do not like the idea of tufts in their mattress. This is usually because they are under the impression that the tufts will...
  • how many pocket springs

    How many pocket springs should I get in my new mattress?

    October, 2017
    A common issue you may have encountered when looking to purchase a new pocket sprung mattress is with regards to how many pocket springs you should be aiming for....
  • what are sprung slats?

    What are sprung slats?

    October, 2017
    Sprung slats are now used in many wood, metal, fabric and leather bed frames and in some cases even in divans. They have an advantage over traditional solid slat...
  • What is Geltex?

    Geltex - What is Geltex? Beds & Mattresses

    October, 2017
    Geltex is the new kid on the block in the world of beds and mattresses and it has arrived with its sights firmly set on yesteryears favourite, memory foam...