Payday Bonus! – 2 FREE Pillows & Mattress Protector

payday bonus free pillows

Celebrate Payday in Comfort

To help you have a happy payday, Prestige Beds have got an amazing offer available from now until Monday:

Get 2 FREE Pillows & a Mattress Protector when you spend £399!

This great offer could save you up to £89, that’s not bad for protecting your brand new mattress!

You’d best hurry! This offer ends on Monday 30th April.

Who Needs a Mattress Protector?

Everyone! Not only does a mattress protector prolong the life of your mattress by limiting wear & tear, but it adds an extra layer of comfort as well. Mattress protectors are also removable and washable, making them a practical and hygienic accessory for any bed. This is especially useful if you suffer from allergies or own a pet, as a build-up of pet dander can lead to dust mites and bed bugs!

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