• Simba Mattress Alternative - Which is the Best?

    May, 2018
    Mattress in a box from £399 (Call For Details). If you have been online or have watched any television over the past year you have more than likely seen...
  • top 5 mattress under £500

    Top 5 mattresses under £500 - Best Budget Mattresses

    May, 2018
    Shopping for a new mattress can be difficult enough as it is, without having to keep your final decision within a tight budget. With all the different technologies, materials,...
  • mattress delivery

    Prestige Beds mattress and Bed Delivery Service

    May, 2018
    Mainland UK Deliveries - (Excluding the North West) If you are located in the UK Mainland we offer a very convenient delivery process that means you don't need to be...
  • Sleep Talking

    Sleep Talking: What Is It And How Do I Stop?

    May, 2018
    What Is Sleep Talking? Sleep Talking, known more formally as Somniloquy, is the term given to the act of speaking during your sleep. This does not necessarily mean that what...
  • payday bonus free pillows

    Payday Bonus! - 2 FREE Pillows & Mattress Protector

    April, 2018
    Celebrate Payday in Comfort To help you have a happy payday, Prestige Beds have got an amazing offer available from now until Monday: Get 2 FREE Pillows & a Mattress Protector...
  • Lavender Aromatherpy Sleep Scents

    Sleep Scents: Aromatherapy For The Bedroom

    April, 2018
    Aromatherapy For Sleep? Aromatherapy has many applications, from relieving stress and calming our nerves, to more specific function such as stimulating your appetite or increasing one's libido. It should, therefore,...
  • 5 yoga poses you can do in bed

    Top 5 Yoga Poses To Do In Bed

    April, 2018
    Yoga is a great way to help ease your body into sleep. However, many people wake up in the night or can simply feel restless once lying down. We...
  • Top 5 Memory Foam mattresses

    Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses

    April, 2018
    Our Countdown Of The Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses Memory foam is an incredibly popular mattress filling providing an excellent balance between comfort & support. With an open cell structure which...
  • mlily aria

    Mlily Aria Mattress Review - Mattress In A Box

    April, 2018
    The Mattress of Health and Well-being The Aria mattress from Mlily has been specifically designed with health and well-being in mind. Layers of pocket springs and gel memory foam combine to...