• Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    March, 2020
    For all enquiries contact 01254 681082As a third-generation family-run business we pride ourselves on customer care and shopping experience. Due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak like many others,...
  • NHS Staff receive 20% off everything

    March, 2020
    In the current situation, us here at prestige beds are incredibly thankful for all the amazing work all of our NHS workers do. For that reason, we want to...
  • Sleep Healthy

    The Importance Of Sleep For A Healthy Immune System

    March, 2020
    With the growing health issue of the Coronavirus we have put together this article to highlight the importance of sleep for bolstering your immune system.Boost Your Immune System To...
  • Pregnant Sleep

    Sleeping When Pregnant: A Guide

    February, 2020
    Sleep is a crucial restorative process which is vital for keeping your body fit and healthy, and it is even more important when pregnant as you'll be effectively sleeping...
  • Wool - Sheep on Pendle Hill

    The Benefits Of A Wool Mattress

    February, 2020
    Wool is becoming much more popular as a mattress filler, as it comes with a whole host of natural benefits. The growing number of options available, from wool blends...
  • Birlea Quebec Bed Frame

    Bed Frame Or Divan Base - Which Is Right For Me?

    January, 2020
    Bed frame or divan base? This is a one of the most common questions we get in-store. The answer is a mix of practicality and preference of style.Birlea Quebec...
  • Sleepy Teenagers

    How Much Sleep Do Teenagers Need?

    January, 2020
    Teenagers have a reputation for sleeping for vast amounts of time, be it day or night, but you might wonder "is all that sleep is really necessary?".The short answer...
  • Reversible Mattress

    Reversible Mattresses - Your Questions Answered

    January, 2020
    Reversible mattresses can be used on either side, and are meant to be turned at regular intervals. This is the traditional type of mattress, and their popularity now is...
  • Mlily Mattresses Logo

    Mlily Mattresses - About the Brand

    January, 2020
    Mlily mattresses are specialist memory foam mattresses made to deliver exceptional comfort and support for those who prefer a foam mattresses feel. Mlily are at the forefront of memory...