Win A Garmin Activity Tracker – In Association with Millbrook Beds

Commonwealth Competition Time!

Garmin Giveaway part 2

To celebrate this year’s Commonwealth Games we are excited to announce a Garmin Activity Tracker giveaway in association with Millbrook Beds.

We’ll be giving away a Garmin Activity Tracker to help you stay healthy in your daily activities as well as in your sleep!

Throughout the Commonwealth Games we will be releasing a series of five videos celebrating some of our favourite sports at the Games. Each video gives you the chance to win a Garmin Activity Tracker, so you’ll have multiple chances to win! To enter, all you have to do is find the secret word hidden within the video and enter your answer in the box above. Good Luck!

What is a Garmin Activity Tracker?

Garmin Activity Trackers are a multi-purpose self-monitoring fitness tool which tracks your daily activities and monitors your sleep at night. Worn on your wrist and completely waterproof, you can take them anywhere. This allows it to track your health 24/7, letting you know how you’re doing at all times.

A Garmin Activity Tracker works in multiple ways to enhance your health and lifestyle. By automatically tracking your movements and activity, a Garmin Activity Tracker can recognise if you begin exercising and can monitor your progress for you to review later. This motion-sensing ability is so smart that it can detect what type of exercise you are doing and can detect the intensity of your movements.

The Garmin Activity Tracker is a sleek and subtle accessory which can blend and match any outfit. This makes it the perfect health and fitness companion for everyday life.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first of our videos, which we’ll be posting on day 1 of the Games!