The Benefits Of A Wool Mattress

Wool is becoming much more popular as a mattress filler, as it comes with a whole host of natural benefits. The growing number of options available, from wool blends to luxurious cashmere for truly decadent comfort.

Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool Mattress
Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool Mattress

Warm and Breathable

Wool is well known for being a warm and cosy material, perfect for big jumpers and blankets in the midst of winter. This makes ideal for keeping out the cold and providing a warm, snug sleeping environment.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will be over-heating in the summer as a consequence. While wool is a naturally warm material it is also highly breathable, allowing air to pass through the fibres. This means a wool mattress should help you to keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

Good For The Environment

Being a naturally occurring material, wool is an excellent sustainable choice for those who wish to limit their environmental impact. Wool is completely biodegradable unlike many synthetic alternatives, and won’t contribute to the growing issue of plastic waste pollution. So if you’re after an eco-friendly option, a wool mattress could be just what you’re looking for.

Harrison Bermuda 6900 Wool Mattress
Harrison Bermuda 6900 Mattress

Supporting British Farmers

By purchasing a wool mattress made with British wool, you will be supporting the British farming industry and helping local economies to flourish.

Harrison Spinks takes it one step further, as they actually own their very own farm complete with flocks of sheep which from which they harvest the wool for their mattresses. Any extra wool that they need to complete orders is only sourced from British farms. More information on Harrison Spinks is available here.

The Vispring Shetland Mattress, pictured below, is made using wool from the Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland. This wool is highly prized for its excellent quality and warmth, making this wool mattress a truly luxurious piece.

Vispring Shetland Wool Mattress
Vispring Shetland Mattress

Resistant To Moisture

Another reason wool makes a great choice for a mattress filling is that it has the ability to wick moisture. This means that moisture is moved from the centre of the fabric to the outside, which in turn allows the moisture to evaporate more easily. This moisture-repelling quality helps to keep a wool mattress dry and prevent the development of mould and mildew.

Naturally Fire-Resistant

Wool is a naturally flame resistant material, making it an excellent choice for fire safety. The structure of wool fibres means that the material is starved of oxygen, thereby preventing fires from taking hold.

Due to wool’s fire-proof properties, wool mattresses often use less fire-retardant chemicals in their production. This makes for a much more natural and purer sleep environment, which can be especially beneficial for people with allergies or respiratory conditions.

Relyon Wool Silk Cashmere 1390 Roll-Up Mattress
Relyon Wool Silk Cashmere 1390 Roll-Up Mattress

Options For Your Wool Mattress

There are a huge variety of wool mattresses available on the market, each with their own unique selling points. You can find wool blend mattresses which incorporate other fillings such as silk into their wool layers, and there are very high-end types of wool such as cashmere which can add a luxurious quality to your bed.

You can also get a wool mattress delivered as a roll-up mattress, meaning that it will come vacuum-packed so that it is easier to position in the room of your choice.

Finally, there are many woollen bedding options to finish complete the feel of your bed. You might consider adding a woollen blanket on top your duvet in the winter, or opting for a wool pillow for a warm yet breathable sleeping surface.