Vispring Shetland Mattress

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Vispring Shetland Mattress

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Good for side sleepers, this is the softest level of support a mattress can provide.


Also good for side sleepers, with a fair amount of cushion


Good all rounder mattress for various sleeping positions


Good for people who change sleeping position a lot throughout the night


Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

Extra Firm

Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

The Vispring Shetland Superb mattress is a luxury, handcrafted mattress made with the most luxurious fillings you can find.

The Shetland Superb features hand-nested calico pocket springs. The calico pocket superior quality of pocket spring as it is more durable. These nested calico pockets are all individually stitched together allowing the spring to move freely inside and independent of its neighbor whilst still maintaining its overall structure. The Shetland has 1,720 pocket springs overall within a 150 x200 cm size (5ftx 6ft 6in) mattress. These pocket springs help create airflow throughout the mattress helping to keep it dry, whilst the springs themselves are free to support you uniquely adapting to your shape and weight and providing tailored support and comfort.

Vispring prides itself on its quality of fillings, sourcing only the best available. The shetland Superb contains exclusive natural fillings such as Platinum Certified British fleece wool, hand teased Platinum Certified real Shetland wool, and Platinum Certified British fleece wool. These filings are all hand teased into the mattress to allow for air to move freely around the mattress adding to its breathability.

Vispring is proudly the only bed manufacturer to use 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool that is produced in keeping with age-old traditions. This soft and breathable fabric is also hypo-allergenic helping to combat any allergies. This natural filling is also ten times more absorbent than any synthetic material. This choice of filling also helps to keep your mattress cool and dry as natural fillings are breathable, allowing any moisture to be drawn away from your sleeping surface and dried naturally throughout the mattress.

Finally, the Shetland Superb mattress features the finest wool worsted ticking on the surface and is finished with Hand-tied woolen tufts and twine. This tufting helps to ensure all those wonderful natural fillings stay securely in place. This too adds to the longevity to your mattress and as it reduces the risk of the mattress fillings shifting into uncomfortable positions.

The Shetland Superb finishing touches consist of 3 rows of genuine side stitching, which is an intricate technique learned over many years. This creates an edge to edge support for your mattress improving on its longevity and structural integrity. The shetland like all Vispring mattresses features air vents this adds to the ability of the mattress to breath keeping it dry and hygienic. It also features horizontal handles to make maneuvering your mattress or turning it easier.

* All mattress’ featured in our Vispring line can be chosen in any tension ( Soft / Medium / Firm/ Extra Firm) *

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