Harrison Spinks – Luxury Beds Crafted in Yorkshire

Harrison Spinks Mattress
Sheep Wool Natural Fillings

Harrison Spinks is a brand which has earned its place as one of the most high-end and luxurious bed producers in the United Kingdom. With each mattress being built to the bespoke specifications of the customer, its no wonder that their beds are so rated so highly.

The company, based on their very own farm in North Yorkshire, is a 5th generation company employing over 600 people. With a wealth of bed-building knowledge drawn from 180 years in the business, along with the expertise of their master craftsmen and their very own patented pocket-spring technology, Harrison Spinks beds are truly luxurious pieces.

Our Harrison Spinks Range

Here at Prestige Beds we are very proud to offer a wide selection of Harrison Spinks beds and mattresses.

Popular for their high build quality and artisan craftsmanship, these mattresses combine world-leading pocket spring design with fully natural and recyclable fillings for a truly blissful night’s sleep.

Their turnable mattresses also come with the option of having a Winter side and a Summer side. This way you’ll spend every night at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the season.

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Responsibly Sourced Materials

Harrison Spinks has made a name for itself not just for the innovative processes it uses to create extremely comfortable mattresses, but also for its ethical approach to sourcing the finest natural materials.

All of the fillings in a Harrison Spinks mattress are 100% natural, making them fully recyclable at the same time. From their farmsite headquarters at Hornington Manor in North Yorkshire, their very own crops of hemp and flax are harvested ready to used in the production of their mattresses.

Harrison Spinks Farm Sheep Wool
Harrison Spinks source much of their wool from their very own farm at Hornington Manor, North Yorkshire.

Much of the wool used to fill their mattresses is also taken directly from their very own flocks of Zwartble, Texal and Suffolk sheep. Due to the high demand of Harrison Spinks mattresses, they source additional wool from other local Yorkshire sheep farmers. So by choosing a mattress from Harrison Spinks, you are directly supporting the farmers of the British wool industry.

Working closely with the RSPB and Natural England, their not-for-profit farm doesn’t use any pesticides as they can be harmful and damaging to the environment. This has allowed the local ecosystem to thrive, with 58 different species of birds being recorded on their farm, 11 of which are on the threatened species list.

The range of natural fillings used to craft these luxury beds isn’t restricted to British-grown produce, with luxury materials such as silk and Egyptian cotton being imported from verified ethical sources.

Innovation in Every Mattress

Every mattress contains world-leading micro pocket spring technology, with 4000 mini pocket springs forming an unparalleled layer of comfort which adapts to support every inch of your body. This system combines maximum support with being highly breathable, as the pocket springs allow air to circulate throughout the mattress, keeping it cool and fresh.

With a commitment to continuously improve the quality of their mattresses, Harrison Spinks is recognised as a truly innovative company. They’ve even gone so far as creating their very own patented spring system, the Millennium Award-winning Revolution® pocket spring within a spring, which provides a double layer of support and comfort.

Harrison Spinks Micro Pocket Springs

Having been at the forefront of mattress design for generations, Harrison Spinks has attracted their fair share of awards and media attentions. They have achieved multiple awards for their innovation, business leadership and commitment to sustainability, including a whopping 5 Queen’s Awards, granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Not only this, but they’ve even been featured on the BBC’s hit show Inside The Factory, with TV presenter Greg Wallace visiting their Leeds factory to find out just what goes in to a Harrison Spinks mattress.