Reversible Mattresses – Your Questions Answered

Reversible mattresses can be used on either side, and are meant to be turned at regular intervals. This is the traditional type of mattress, and their popularity now is as high as ever.

What Are The Benefits Of Reversible Mattresses?

Reversible mattresses are known for their durability, and are therefore considered very good long-term investments. As they are designed for both sides to be slept on, each side of the mattress receives half as much wear and tear as a single-sided mattress would. This helps the mattress to keep its shape, and greatly increases the lifespan of the piece.

How Often Should I Turn My Mattress?

There’s no definitive answer to this. Each manufacturer will have slightly different guidelines for how frequently they think you should turn your mattress.

It is generally advised that you should turn the mattress fairly often in the first few months after purchase, around once a week for the first three months. This allows the mattress fillings to settle more evenly.

In order to maximise its lifespan, you should turn your reversible mattress once every three or four months.

Seasonal Sides

Some manufacturers, such as Harrison Spinks, give the option of customising your mattress to suit the changing seasons. These seasonal turn mattresses can therefore include a warmer side for winter and a cooler side for summer, ensuring you are always at the correct temperature regardless of the time of year.

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