• Sleep Deprivation Woman Work

    Sleep Deprivation - Damaging Effects of Being Underslept

    March, 2018
    What Is Sleep Deprivation? Sleep deprivation is a term which refers to your body suffering from a lack of sleep. Sleeping is how your body naturally repairs itself and keeps...
  • Prestige Beds Careers

    Careers at Prestige Beds

    March, 2018
    Delivery Service Driver Job Ref: 0158 Job Title: Delivery Service Driver Contract type: Permanent Contract hours: Full time Location: Blackburn Salary: Competitive Closing date: Close date not set About Prestige Beds Could you deliver a great night`s sleep? With...
  • Keep Warm - Winter-Proof Your Bedroom

    Keep Warm - Winter-Proof Your Bedroom

    March, 2018
    When cold weather bites it's important to winter-proof your bedroom to make sure you keep warm and cosy during the wintry nights. With the recent influx of cold wintry weather,...
  • yoga before bed

    Top 5 yoga poses to do before bed to help you sleep

    February, 2018
    1) Baddha Konasana - Seated breathwork Relieves headaches If you’d like to stretch your inner thighs out bring the soles of your feet together keeping your spine long and your chest...
  • causes of snoring stop snoring sleep apnoea

    What Are The Causes Of Snoring? And How do I Stop?

    February, 2018
    Why Do People Snore? Snoring is an unfortunate part of many people's night. It can be even more unfortunate for whoever is sleeping next to a snorer, as the noise...
  • MLILY Aria Mattress

    Win an MLILY Aria Mattress

    February, 2018
    MLILY Aria Giveaway Would you like to win an amazing mattress made by MLILY, the global partner of Manchester United? A brand that is in the home of each Manchester...
  • Asthma-friendly bedroom asthma

    How To Make Your Bedroom Asthma-Friendly

    February, 2018
    The Importance of an Asthma-Friendly Bedroom Making your bedroom asthma-friendly is very important for anyone who suffers from the condition or any similar breathing difficulties. This is because many asthmatics...
  • Four-day-falsh-sale

    Four Day Flash Sale! - Extra 15% Off

    February, 2018
    Extra 15% Off! We are excited to announce our Four Day Flash Sale here at Prestige Beds! Get an EXTRA 15% OFF online with the Discount Code: Love15 It's cold out there...
  • Sleep Environment Routine

    Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment: Bedtime Routine

    January, 2018
      Routine Familiarises Your Body With The Process of Falling Asleep In addition to maintaining good air quality and minimizing light exposure, developing a bedtime routine can greatly improve your quality...