• Noise Affects Sleep

    Creating The Perfect Sleep Environment: Noise

    January, 2018
        How Unwanted Noise Affects Sleep Noise affects sleep in several ways. It is one of the things that can keep us awake at night the most. Whether it's loud, sudden...
  • Mattress Comfort

    Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment: Mattress Comfort

    January, 2018
      Mattress Comfort Is Key To Perfect Sleep Finding the correct level of mattress comfort and support provided by the bed you sleep on is one of the most important ways...
  • Lighting Image

    Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment: Bedroom Lighting

    January, 2018
    Softer Bedroom Lighting for Better Sleep Achieving the right level of bedroom lighting is an important part of creating the perfect sleep environment. However, it's not just the room lighting...
  • Sleep Environment Temperature

    Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment: Temperature

    January, 2018
    Find Your Ideal Sleep Temperature The temperature of your bedroom is extremely important  in making sure that it is an environment conducive to great sleep. If your bedroom is too...
  • 100 nights mattress trial

    Mattress Trial at Prestige Beds - 100 Night Mattress Trial

    November, 2017
    Sleep Before You Keep We at Prestige Beds understand that choosing a new mattress can be daunting, with so many different options to choose from. However we are determined to...
  • prestige beds affiliate program

    Prestige Beds Affiliate Program

    November, 2017
    Join the Prestige Beds affiliate program TODAY and monetise your website traffic by referring sales to prestigebeds.co.uk. Who is Prestige Beds? Prestige Beds is an award-winning retailer that supplies beds, divans,...
  • NBF awards bed retailer of the year winner

    NBF Awards - Bed Retailer of the Year Winners

    September, 2017
    We are proud to announce that we are now officially NBF Bed Retailer of the Year (Under £5,000,000 turnover). This may not seem like a big deal to many,...
  • Understanding The Power Of Colour In the Bedroom

    September, 2017
    Whether you struggle to wake from your slumber in the morning or have trouble settling at night, certain colours and their properties can help relax or even energise you...
  • The Anatomy Of A Pocket Sprung Mattress

    September, 2017
    Knowing what’s in your mattress and how each material provides support or helps you is important. This helps you decide which mattress is best suited to you and your...