Best Mattress 2019 UK Top 5

Looking for the best mattress 2019? Each year, bed and mattress manufacturers tweak mattresses from the previous year in the attempt to make them outperform products from the competition. This can make purchasing a new mattress more confusing each year. As an independent award winning company who has been working with the best bed and mattress manufacturers in the UK for over 60 years we have vast experience and knowledge when selecting a new mattress.

In this article we have pulled together the knowledge of six of our sleep experts to select the best mattresses available on the market for five different types of sleepers. As everyone is different it is an impossible task to choose one mattress for everyone so we have compiled a list of five to help you find your best mattress 2019. For our best mattress list we have chosen the categories: hybrid, firm, premium, budget and mid-priced pocket spring

The Best Hybrid Mattress 2019

Alma Sleep
Comfort Layer: Gel Infused memory foam
Spring Type: Pocket Springs
Turnable: Non-Turn
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The Alma Mattress is a Gel infused memory foam mattress designed with comfort, support, durability and temperature regulation in mind.

Using gel infused foam and pocket springs, this mattress in a box has all the ingredients to relieve pressure, provide optimal comfort and keep you at just the right temperature. The pocket springs in the Alma are designed to contour to your body shape whilst also removing any movement transfer from your sleeping partner.

The Alma mattress is an excellent mattress designed to outperform other mattresses currently on the market. The quality of the Alma mattress is exceptional and is far superior to most other mattresses at a similar price point. If you are looking for a hybrid, mattress in a box the Alma is one of the most technologically advanced this is why we have rewarded it the Hybrid best mattress 2019.

Best Firm Mattress 2019

Relyon Ortho Backcare Elite Divan Set

Relyon Heyford
Comfort layer: Natural & synthetic fibres
Spring Type: Pocket Springs
Turnable: Yes
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The Relyon Heyford mattress is the perfect for mattress for anyone who prefers a firmer feel, comfort level 5.

Designed and made by the high quality UK manufacturer Relyon, The Heyford boasts individual, calico pocket springs that provide each sleeper with their own set of springs, reducing movement transfer and providing optimal support.

On top of the pocket springs is a blend of natural and synthetic fibres that provide comfort and breathability to its user.

The Relyon Heyford is an exceptional mattress that has the build quality you would expect from a high quality manufacturer like Relyon. It is on the firm side but has a well balanced feel that suits many that would otherwise choose a mattress a little softer. For these reasons we chose the Relyon Heyford as the firm standout of the best mattress 2019.

Best Premium Mattress 2019

Harrison Diamond 19100
Comfort layer: Natural fibres
Spring Type: Pocket Springs
Turnable: Twice a year
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In our opinion the best premium mattress on the market is the Harrison Diamond. At the premium level it gets more difficult to choose the best because the manufacturers that create the products are some of the best in the world.

The Harrison Diamond has one of the most advanced springs systems on the market. Using layers of springs and replacing much of the fibres in a mattress with micro springs the Harrison Diamond provides amazing support, incredible comfort and offers durability unseen in many other mattresses.

The high quality materials in the Harrison Diamond range from premium steel to luxurious fabrics. All of which work together in a very precise manner. The Harrison Diamond also comes available in multiple comfort layers from soft to firm.

If you are looking for a premium mattress the Harrison Diamond should definitely be considered. No stone has been left unturned in the design and construction of this mattress. This is why the Harrison Diamond is the stand out premium mattress in the best mattress 2019 list.

Best Budget Mattress 2019

Comfort layer: Memory Foam
Spring Type: Pocket Springs
Turnable: Non-Turn
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The Pisa is a mattress that offers excellent value for money. It provides comfort and pressure relief through its layer of memory foam whilst also offering the support through the layer of pocket springs.

If you are looking for a high quality mattress that doesn’t break the bank the Pisa should definitely be considered. It has a build quality that can rival mattresses twice the price and has features and technology that provide you with fantastic rest. For this reason this is the budget choice for best mattress 2019.

Best Mid-Priced Pocket Spring Mattress 2019

Recommended mattress Grindleton

Comfort layer: Natural Fillings
Spring Type: Pocket Springs
Turnable: Yes
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The Grindleton is a fantastic mattress that provides you with everything you need at an affordable price point. Boasting high quality, individual pocket springs and luxurious natural fillings, the Grindleton has been one of our most popular mattresses to date.

Comfort, support, durability, pressure relief and temperature regulation all come as standard with the Grindleton due to the clever design and use of complementary technologies.

If you are looking for a high quality pocket spring and natural filled mattress without pushing to the premium products, the Grindleton will not be a disappointment. This is why we have chosen in for the mid-ranged pocket spring mattress winner of best mattress 2019.

Best Mattress 2019?

As you can see there isn’t really one mattress that matches everyone’s requirements. Everyone has different budgets and different requirements. In the list for Best Mattress 2019, our sleep experts have selected the best mattresses from each category to help you make the right choice.

For more information on any of these mattresses in the Best Mattress 2019 List call our sleep experts on 01254 681 082 or view each product in the link provided and request a callback. We offer interest free credit, free delivery and aim to beat any deal you have seen elsewhere.