What is an NBF Retail Champion?

You may have noticed here on our site or in our store, that we are a recognised ‘NBF Retail Champion’. But what exactly does this mean? Here we go through exactly what makes us a ‘Retail Champion’ and what it means for you, our valued customer.

Let us explain.

A retail champion is a recognised status given to bed retailers across the UK if they pass a list of rigorous tests done by the National Bed Federation. The name retail champion aims to show customers that our products are reputable and made to the correct standards. But what are the list of tests that we had to meet to become a retail champion?

Must stock at least 50% of beds made by NBF members. 

This is important to all of us here at Prestige because we know that customers can trust the name and reputation of NBF membered brands. This way all customers can shop knowing that the brands they are looking at, are trusted by one of the highest bed federations in the country.

Independently Audited

The standards written out by NBF have all been independently checked against all of Prestige’s stores & online sites. meaning, all customers can walk into our stores and visit our site knowing that we have met the highest of audits to gain our ‘Retail Champion’ status.

‘Safe, Clean and Honest’

Any of our valued customers will know that our stores have been all 3 points for over 60 years, and that has been backed up with our new ‘Retail Champion’ status. So that all new and returning customers will see the tick of approval and know that we are ‘Safe, Clean and Honest.’

We are incredibly proud of our NBF Retail Champion status and would like to thank every single one of our valued customers for trusting in the Prestige Name. We would also like to thank the National Bed Federation for supporting Prestige Beds and bringing extra security to our customers with the ‘Retail Champion’ name.