Mlily Mattresses – About the Brand

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Mlily mattresses are specialist memory foam mattresses made to deliver exceptional comfort and support for those who prefer a foam mattresses feel. Mlily are at the forefront of memory foam development, having introduced their very own Gel Memory Foam technology to their mattresses.

Gel Memory Foam

The incorporation of gel into the memory foam prevents excess heat from building up, which can be a common complaint with lesser memory foam mattresses. With an Mlily gel memory foam mattress you can experience all of the benefits of a highly supportive memory foam mattress while also enjoying a cool and refreshing night’s sleep.

Hybrid Sleep Technology

As there are great benefits to sleeping on both pocket springs and memory foam, hybrid mattresses make up much of our Mlily range. A hybrid mattress is one which combines both of these technologies to create a sleep surface which offers comprehensive support for your whole body.

Hybrid mattresses do not sacrifice comfort to achieve this superb level of support, as the combination of springs and foam create a sleep surface with an exceptionally well-balanced feel.

Mlily Harmony 3000 Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Mlily Harmony 3000 Gel Memory Foam Mattress

There are a great range of options when it comes to hybrid mattresses, as there are models which offer a greater focus on either the memory foam or the number of pocket springs. For example, the Mlily Harmony 3000 Gel Memory Foam Mattress (pictured) is a hybrid option which comes with 3000 individual pocket springs, a much higher number than your standard hybrid.

Professional Levels of Support

Mlily Global Partner Manchester United

The expertise that goes into each Mlily mattress is such that they have supplied the Manchester United football team with their very own Mlily Dream Plus mattresses. This Mlily mattress range is ideal for a highly active people, such as those involved in professional sport, as it allows your body to fully replenish itself with perfectly balanced support and comfort.

Our Range of Mlily Mattresses

We have a wide range of Mlily mattresses available online and in our stores. These mattresses are all no-turn, which means there is no need to flip the mattress over to ensure it keeps it’s shape.

All of the Mlily mattresses which we offer here at Prestige Beds come with a 5 year guarantee, so you can sleep soundly and have confidence in your purchase.