Alma Mattresses – Hybrid Pocket Spring & Cool Foam Technology

Alma mattresses contain pocket springs and cool gel-infused memory foam.

Alma mattresses are a bold new take on the conventional memory foam mattress, combining traditional pocket springs with a high-tech gel-infused foam filling. While relatively new to the market, they’re quickly becoming a popular choice for our customers here at Prestige Beds, so we’re keen to share why the Alma mattress has made such an impact.

What makes the Alma Mattress special?

Cutting-edge Hybrid Design – The Alma mattress boasts a fantastic combination of pocket springs and gel memory foam. This gives you all the reactive support of a traditional pocket sprung mattress, as well as the ergonomic moulding effect of memory foam. A hybrid mattress like the Alma will adapt to the unique contours of your body, allowing for even weight distribution from head to toe.

Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam – The special gel-infused memory foam used in the Alma mattress has an in-built cooling effect which sets it apart from other memory foam mattresses. The notorious overheating associated with memory foam does not apply to Alma mattresses, so you can experience a cool and comfortable night’s sleep with all the benefits of memory foam.

Is the Alma Mattress right for me?

The Alma mattress comes in a medium tension, so offers a fantastic balance of comfort and support, especially with the reactive properties of the gel memory foam filling.

This makes the Alma particularly suitable for people who sleep on their side, as there is just enough give in the mattress for your spine to be properly aligned while sleeping in this position.

The mattress also comes rolled up, vacuum-packed and packaged in a box for easy transport and manoeuvrability. You won’t have to worry about getting it into difficult-to-reach rooms or around tight corners like you might with a regular mattress.

The Alma mattress also does not require turning, making it a great choice for people with back problems as there is no heavy -lifting involved.

The Alma Haven gel-infused memory foam pillow is perfect for side sleepers.
The Alma Haven Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

For the complete Alma experience, pair this mattress with the Alma Haven pillows which also contain the signature Alma gel-infused memory foam. Forget turning the pillows over to get the cool side, these pillows will prevent you from overheating and are also highly recommended for side sleepers.

The Alma mattress is also available with a 100 Night Sleep Trial, give you peace of mind as well as peaceful nights. If you would like any further information on our Alma range, check out the individual product pages for the Alma Mattress and the Alma Haven pillow.

You can also contact one of our expert members of staff in-store, online or over the phone if you require further assistance.

Giving Back to the Community – Nightsafe Homeless Charity

In order to give back to the local community, we donate £10 to young person’s homeless charity Nightsafe for every Alma mattress we sell here at Prestige Beds. Having previously supplied the charity with beds for their shelter service, we are proud to continue supporting the work they do.

Nightsafe is an amazing charity which supports vulnerable and homeless young people in the Blackburn and Darwen area, by providing them with shelter, meals, support and advice.

The charity was recently featured on DIY SOS: The Big Build BBC Children in Need Special, with TV presenter Nick Knowles and his team helping to convert an old church hall into much needed emergency accommodation.

Visit the Nightsafe website for more information on the fantastic work they do and how you can get involved.