Which Pillow is Best? – A Guide

Which pillow is best?
Four pillows on mattress.

Which pillow is best? This is a common question we receive in our stores, and while much of what you find comfortable is down to personal preference, there are some additional factors which you might want to consider.

The main consideration you should make before deciding which pillow is right for you, is your favoured sleeping position. Depending on how you sleep, your head and neck will need different levels of support to ensure correct spinal alignment through the night.

Other factors you might want to consider are whether you have any health conditions which might be affected by your choice, and if you tend to overheat and might benefit from a pillow with built-in cooling technology.

Types of Sleepers

Pillows for side sleepers

Side Sleepers – People who sleep on their side can often develop neck pain from not having the correct level of support from their pillow. For side sleepers, a larger, deeper pillow with a firmer tension can be beneficial.

Back Sleepers – Those who sleep on their back can often benefit from having a medium to firm tension pillow to keep their head slightly raised and in the correct position. This is especially important for back sleepers as they can often experience snoring during the night, and the extra support should help to keep their airways clear of blockages.

Front Sleepers – If you sleep on your front you won’t need as much support from your pillow, as your head does not need to be raised as much to keep your spine aligned. Therefore a softer tension is recommended, and options such as soft duck or goose down pillows could be especially desirable for a luxurious night’s sleep.

Health Conditions to Consider

Health conditions when choosing which pillow

While the position you sleep in is important for determining the correct pillow for you, always make sure to take any existing health conditions into consideration.

Allergies – Make sure you check that the pillows you choose do not contain any allergens to which you are known to react. Many pillows contain latex or feather fillings, both of which are known to cause allergic reactions in some people. If you are concerned about allergies when buying a pillow, our friendly staff here at Prestige Beds will be more than happy to assist you.

Sleep Apnoea – People who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea (OST) are advised to try sleeping on their sides, as this helps to prevent the airways from being blocked. This should prevent you from snoring and reduce disturbance during the night. As side sleeping is recommended for side sleepers, a firmer pillow should be your go-to choice. Read our article on sleep apnoea to find out more about this condition.

Explore Our Range

We have a wide and varied range of pillows here at Prestige Beds, and have selected some of our favourites for each level of firmness below:

Firmer Pillows

Which pillow has the most support.
Pocket spring pillow
The Hypnos Pocket Spring Reactive Pillow keeps it’s shape and offers a high level of support.

Pocket Spring Reactive Pillow – Hypnos – The Hypnos Pocket Spring Reactive Pillow automatically springs back into its original shape to retain its supportive shape. This feature allows the pillow to provide excellent support and comfort to your head and neck.

Traditional Memory Foam Pillow – The Fine Bedding Company – This premium memory foam pillow moulds to your head and neck to reduce pressure and provide exceptional support. It also features Ultrafresh, an anti-microbial treatment.

Medium Tension Pillows

Alma pillow. Which pillow is the coolest?
The Alma Haven Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow is a great foam option that keeps you cool while you sleep.

Haven Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow – Alma – The Alma Haven pillow utilises the cooling gel-infused memory foam found in their mattresses for a pillow that perfectly keeps its height and forming whilst providing a cool regulated temperature.

Alpaca Pillow – Hypnos – The Hypnos Alpaca pillow offers that much-desired balance between comfort and support in a pillow. The Alpaca is filled with 100% alpaca wool processed to organic standards.

High-Profile Latex Pillow – Hypnos – This non-allergenic and highly durable pillow retains its shape whilst keeping you cool and dry through the night.

Softer Pillows

Which pillow is the most luxurious?
Plump and luxurious, The Goose Down Surround Pillow by The Fine Bedding Company.

Goose Down Surround Pillow – The Fine Bedding Company – A naturally breathable, supportive and softly cushioning pillow with luxurious goose feather and down.

Serenity Deluxe Pillow – Dunlopillo – A slim Latex pillow for those who prefer shallower, softer support. This pillow is also machine washable.

If you’re still unsure which pillow is most suitable for you, feel free to browse our full range of pillows online. Alternatively, you can speak to any of our members of staff in-store and they will be happy to assist you.