Halloween Special – The Dead Never Sleep Competition

Interactive Video Competition – Complete the Horror game to have a chance of winning a complete Memory Cool divan set & headboard worth £799.

WARNING – This interactive video features scenes of a scary or disturbing nature and may scare some viewers we have rated it 16+ please take caution with any children possibly watching and Play at your own discretion. 

This Halloween we have brought you the spookiest of competitions! The Dead Never Sleep is our scariest interactive video ever.

Set in one of our very own stores, the first person interactive video will have you exploring the shop at night trying to find your way out . You have fallen asleep on a bed in-store and mistakenly been locked in for the night. But something is not right, is someone or something in there with you? You will have to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the video and in turn the chances of your own survival.

How To Enter

To enter the competition you must complete the game. If you survive the game you will be entered into a prize draw. Finally you must share The Dead Never Sleep Trailer on Prestige Beds Facebook page stating that you survived.

The Prize

One lucky and final winner will be drawn from the survivors of the game who shared the post. The prize will be a Memory Cool 1000 Pocket mattress with end lift ottoman base and floor standing headboard in a Double size (135cm) worth £799.

Can you brave the night and escape to have a chance of winning? Play at your own risk.