How to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment after Workouts

We understand that after being in the gym, you can be heightened to want to to keep going even when you’ve finished your workouts. For this reason, it can be hard for you to sleep, no matter if your an athlete or someone who regularly works out, understanding how to get the most out of your nights after the gym should be an important slice of knowledge. So we have gathered all the best tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your sleep environment before and while you sleep.

1) Hydrating throughout

If you work out regularly, you will understand already the importance of hydration before, and after working out. In case you don’t, the reason you should stay hydrated before you work out is that water regulates your body temperature as well as it helps to lubricate your joints. You should also drink water while you exercise as well because as you workout you are sweating and releasing minerals so as you keep going, you will need to keep them heightened to perform at the highest level possible. Now as you prepare to sleep, (depending on your work out) your body will continue your workout as you are still burning fats an building muscle so you still have a chance to lose those minerals in your sweat. This is why it is vital to stay hydrated right after your workout and to continue to do so so while you sleep you don’t become dehydrated.

2) Keep workout times regular before bed

It is great to always have that late-night urge to visit the gym and pump some iron, but there can be consequences to your sleeping environment and patterns by doing so. Contrary to beliefs, working out could badly affect your need to put your head to pillow more than it would make you tired. This all depends on some peoples sleep patterns and to some, it might work better to rest straight after, please see your doctor if you require more information on this. But as a consensus, we recommend that you leave a gap of around 3 hours before you sleep from after your workout. This then gives your body to become more relaxed if you are following the following cooling down tips.

3) Brightness to minimum

When in the gym, you will most likely find that it is covered in very bright lights, and you may not know but this sometimes can be to keep you from being tired. The way it works is, the incredibly bright lights slow down your melatonin production, which is responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. So that simply means that the brighter the lights, the less you feel tired or want to sleep, that’s why we need to sleep at night. So by having your sleeping environment dark, you are replenishing this melatonin making you more tired so that it’s easier for you to sleep.

4) Cooling Down and Sleep

If you are a gym-enthusiast then you will be familiar with many reasons to why you should cool down after a workout such as to lower your body temperature as well as to return your muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships. But cooling down exercises can help your sleep for many reasons. Some of these being that, if you were to immediately stop a workout and try to go to rest within the similar time, you could have repercussions with breathing. If you were to attempt to sleep then your body would try to work overtime to keep a constant rhythm keeping your body too active for your brain to rest. Breathing difficulty’s can also be a sign of sleep apnoea so if you feel that this is affecting you please contact your doctor immediately.

5) Have the right mattress to support your activities

Preparing to sleep is only the start of creating the optimal sleep environment, to make sure you are getting the best out of your post-active rests you need to make sure that your mattress is right for your active lifestyle. For this, our sleep experts have scanned through our product ranges to find the best mattresses and beds for you.

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6) Regulate the temperature of your room

Within our sleep guides, the temperature is something we always analyse due to how it can affect how successful your rest is. As most know, you can gain a hot temperature when you work out so making sure that when you get into bed your keeping that temperature down by making sure the entire environment is cool. This can be done by opening windows to let cool and cold air through while also having a fan rotate throughout the space. by doing this, you are creating a comfortable environment for your body to naturally sweat without irritation or distress.