Top 5 Products to Keep You Cool this Summer

With the hot air sneaking into the bedroom at night, you might need to consider ways you can cool down and release that horrible heat from your bed. To help you along the way, our sleep experts have brought together some of the best cooling products around to help you stay sweat-free this summer.

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The Cooler supreme Mattress by Sleepeezee has been making a huge name for itself in the bed industry with its fantastic stay-cool technology. pillow top cooling gel layer helping to keep your sleeping temperature at a nice cool level reducing those hot restless nights. The gel also works as a pressure relief layer similar to that of memory foam. The pillow top is then finished off with a cool-touch woven Viscose fabric keeping the surface of the mattress cool for an undisturbed nights sleep. Our experts suggest this bed for those looking to keep out that hot dry air at night as well as reducing overall body temperature.

Feel that you need to have that constant cooler side of the pillow? then why not have a cool touch pillow by The Fine Bedding Company. A blend of Smartfil Clusters and ProCool fibres, this cooling pillow disperses heat and moisture, leaving it cool all night long. This pillow also manages its overall heat capacity so that it can slowly release the hot air while also maintaining its optimum cool level. With its pro-cool technology, the pillow also helps to remove any moisture collected that can usually rack up the temperature within the pillow, therefore making your head and pillow cooler, for longer.

If your not wanting to replace your mattress, the best way to get the most out of temperature control when in bed, is a mattress protector. and the cool mattress protector proves well for showing temperature control with1 00% Jersey Cotton Sleep Surface which has been shown to keep airflow at a high to make sure that hot air doesn’t linger on the surface of your mattress. With this, you’re not only getting the amazing cooling features of a cotton mattress protector but this also includes their miracle membrane technology which makes keeps liquid from going through and ruining your mattress. For those reasons, you should pick up a cool mattress protector today below…

This mattress is a special addition within our Mlily range as it offers some unbelievable cooling features for you while you sleep. One of the layers within the mattress is a 2cm deep Gel-infused memory foam layer that can be up to 20% cooler than standard memory foam whilst retaining its feel in both warm and cool temperatures. This provides a big advantage over traditional memory foam mattresses which tend to be much warmer to sleep on and can feel stiffer in colder environments. then just below that the mattress also features a 5 cm deep air-flow cool gel memory foam layer. This further assists with contouring and comfort whilst still retaining the cooling properties of the top layer. With all these cooling features, how can you pass up on this amazing

Finally, we have a complete package to show in our top 5 products to keep you cool, and its the memory cool 100 mattresses paired with not only a divan base but a headboard too. The memory cool 1000 has a special cool-touch cover that has been specially designed to reduce overall warmth outside and inside the mattress as well as having that additional comfort with the 100 pocket springs within. This is an unmissable deal to grab everything you want for a bed this summer with that additional cooling feature within the bed.

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