From Store to Home, Your essential 2019 Bed Buying Guide

Here at Prestige Beds, we understand that buying a new bed can be not only a tricky decision but also a big one. So we want to help you with that as much as possible. For that exact reason, we have devised a few things for you to note when you’re buying a new bed.

What do you need out of your bed?:

As we said, we want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re looking for so that you can rest easy knowing you’ve shopped well with prestige. So for that reason, make sure you’ve got your bed in mind. For example, make sure, in your head you know where this bed is going. Is it going in the spare room or is it going to be your master bed? As well as this, check that you have a style in mind. Are you looking for more of a fabric or a wood-based bed?

Take the Mattress for a test drive:

Whether you’d prefer to buy online, over the phone or in-store we suggest you always check out some of our mattresses in-store first. This way you have the opportunity to talk to our sleep experts on what you are looking for, so they can match your vision with the perfect beds or bed ranges. After you’ve seen some of the beds, don’t feel bad for having a try. We can suggest that to find the best comfort, you try out the bed for as longs you want, one-minute cant gauge a whole few hours of sleep, move around on the bed and see if it contours to you how you want it too.

Try all the firmness options:

After you’ve finished having a good try of all our beds, that will then be the perfect time for you to decide which firmness will be best for you? Maybe you’ve walked in with a set mindset of just one firmness. We suggest you always look at our reviews online or in-store and look out for our scale. See below to get a quick look at our number system and how they would show on our tickets.

Size of your bed:

Looks like you’ve found a great bed, it’s now time to discuss the size of the bed. Our sleep experts ask you to always ensure that you know the sizes you want as sometimes you may find a certain size doesn’t fit in a narrower room. This can be a massive mistake that a lot of buyers make, so to ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure to bring measurements of your room instore or keep them on hand when shopping on our website.

Trial Periods:

The best way for you to know whether a bed is right for you is to try it out. Some of our beds offer ‘Sleep Trials’ This is where you can try out a mattress in the comfort of your own home, and if you don’t like it then you can bring it right back and exchange it! One of the beds that offer this is the Alma Hybrid Mattress in a Box. This mattress is a pocket sprung mattress with cooling comfort layers of Gel Memory foam. The hybrid mattress is designed with comfort, support, pressure relief, temperature regulation and durability in mind. We have written a blog just for you on how you can try out the Alma for 100 Nights here…


There we go, its time for your dream bed to enter your home. Before it does though we do ask a few things, although we endeavour to take your bed to the room of your choice and fully assemble the bed for you, sometimes access can be a little awkward. This mostly can be with Ottomans, Divans, Sofa Beds, Super King Size Beds and floor standing Headboards. We do advise that on the day of delivery any valuables or pictures etc are moved or taken down to reduce the risk of damage.

And there we have it, your new bed is all yours, you’re now apart of the better sleepers…