Looking to upgrade your teen’s bedroom this summer holiday?

We’re looking at quick and simple ways to completely update your teen’s bedroom this summer. Growing teenagers can change their style, likes, and dislikes at what seems like the drop of a hat. So we’re looking at ways you can easily transform their room to reflect their ever-changing styles that won’t require too much hard work.

A lick of paint

The first thing you can easily change that can transform any room, is the walls. We suggest choosing a versatile colour that ages well. For example, clean bright walls such as Greys or off Whites are incredibly versatile. These kinds of colours can be easily dressed up to reflect any style, no matter how quickly or how many times it changes and evolves. This also helps to avoid them feeling like they have a childish room a year or two later.

Popping art

Once you have a good base for your walls you can dress them. There are a few easy ways to do this that can reflect your teen’s sense of style. 

Hanging framed pictures or art they like in a creative way can bring a wall to life, helping to create that “vibe” they are looking for. 

 Alternatively, some kind of wall hanging can be a great way to add some colour & design to the room. If wallpapering isn’t your thing or just too much hassle,  then a wall hanging is great it can easily be taken down or changed if they ever grow tired of it.

A bed revamp

The bed is the centrepiece to any room, and can also be a great way to declutter a room if you opt for an ottoman base. An ottoman base allows you to have full under-bed storage. You simply lift the top of the base up to reveal the full size of the bed storage space. This is great for putting away clutter like shoes, extra bedding or anything else taking up valuable space.

 Alternatively, if you have a solid base and clutter isn’t an issue, you can always just change the headboard. By changing the headboard for something bright and bold or complementary to their style it easily gives the bed and room a whole new look.

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Another great way to give your teens room a sense of their style is to dress the bed with some new bedding. Depending on the look they want to go for you have a few options. Firstly, good quality white sheets always make a room look hotel worthy. Keeping the room bright and airy whilst being able to dress the bed up with a mixture of decorative pillows or throws can make your teens bed look at the top of it’s game.

 Secondly, you can opt to brighten up the room with the bedding. By adding some sheets with bold patterns or colours along with complimentary cushions or throws you can help solidify the overall theme and look of the room.

Rugs and cushions

To tie the room together experiment with rugs and other soft furnishings. Every space in a teenagers room is used so why not make the floor a great space to use too. Creating a seating area with cushions and rugs can add a nice element to the room and come in handy when friends come round. 

Add some greenery 

Teens can spend all day in their bedrooms, so adding a little plant life can help breathe some fresh air into the room as well as giving it a nice finishing touch. There are plenty of easily kept plants that don’t need a lot of looking after, perfect for teenagers room. Or perhaps a plant that purifies the air helping to keep the room fresh.  With a range of pots and arrangements available to try, plant life can help create a great looking space.

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