Are Allergies ruining your night’s sleep?

Learn how to spot the signs and prevent a bad nights sleep.

As we hit the middle of the summer, allergies are becoming more and more common with up to an estimated 10 million people in England suffering from ‘Hay fever’. But is it more than just pollen? And is it affecting your sleep? We’ve created a summer guide to help you spot the signs of common allergies while you rest at night.

How do allergies affect my sleep?

Within your life your body comes across a lot of substances called ‘Allergens’, these can cause a lot of chemicals to be released into your system, meanwhile, your body tries to fight these off, unfortunately giving off symptoms in the process. Your body will always treat these allergens as threats so no matter what, when you come into contact with them, you will start having symptoms but don t be fooled, although you may not feel as though you are suffering from an allergy, it all depends on how much allergens your body comes into contact with. For example, if you seem to have a bit more of a runny nose, that might mean that you haven’t come into contact with as many allergens, not that your body can resist them but this is always subject to your body’s defences.

Although you may come in contact with such allergens as pollen in the day-time, that doesn’t mean that you’re protected against heavy symptoms at home or in bed. Indoor allergens such as pet dander or dust mites are more common at home than you’d think and if you are allergic to these, then this might make your night sleeps a lot more uncomfortable. For example, dust mite allergens are most commonly found in mattresses and bed linens, so, later on, we will cover how you can prevent these from entering your bedroom.

How to spot an allergy problem in the bedroom.

For this, it would be easier to show you a list of the top ways you can notice that you are suffering from allergies and not just a cold.


What can I do to aid my allergy sleep problems?

With allergies it all depends on what you are looking for? are you looking to resit against common household dust mites or maybe even anti-microbial qualities? To try to answer some of these questions, we have used our expert bed knowledge to ensure that you can stay allergy free while you rest.

We understand that some mattress may need to be tailored to, but for some, an entry-level mattress is a perfect fit for them. for that, we have suggested the Breasley Uno revive Mattress as the perfect alternative to those looking to save but still get the great technology that anti-allergy mattresses offer. We have chosen this mattress because of its unique technology within. One of these technologies is their ‘Fresche bioscience’ which has been made in this mattress to fight not only the common allergy-causing house dust mites, but also it fights bacteria, fungi, and odour so your mattress is having that extra guarantee to trap out those allergens. As well as this, for those who may suffer from moisture at night, the revive mattress protects you with its other technology, Adaptive, which helps to remove moisture and dampness which can prevent any mould allergies down the line. To find out more about the Breasley Uno Range and their fantastic anti-allergy technologies then click below…


The Nostromo by Sealy is one of the best sellers in the market for protecting against allergies at night. Sealy is endorsed by Allergy UK for the reduction of house dust mites which is the leading national charity providing support, advice and information for those living with allergies. As well as this if you are a regular reader of the well respected Which magazine you may have recently read the extremely positive reviews given to the Sealy Teramo 1400, also known as the Nostromo 1400, in which they state that it is the “Best Bed they have Tested in years” which has now been voted the best buy from 2015 and retained the accolade ever since. To find out more about this mattress click the link below…



As an alternative to those not looking to change their mattress, some specialised mattress protectors in the market offer amazing anti-allergy support. As not all protectors offer the same high-quality protection, we suggest you check out the protect-a-bed range as they offer some of the greatest and latest in bed technology, including anti-allergy. As an example, we are going to review the Cotton Cool Mattress protector. It presents a top of the range dust mite barrier to prevent your household dust mites entering your mattress so you won’t feel the allergens. As well as this its allergy protection protects against allergens, bed bugs, liquids and bacteria so you can be assured that your sleep won’t be interrupted by horrible allergies. To find out more about the protect-a-bed range click the link below…