Experts Top 5 Sleep Assistants – Technology


In the modern day, to some people, sleep can be just as important as the phone in their pockets and when numbers are as scary as ‘1 In 3 people suffer from at least mild insomnia’ technology needs to step in and help you with your better nights sleeps.

For that reason we have scoured the world wide web for the latest and greatest in sleep technology, so you don’t have to. Let’s start it off from a familiar screen, your phone…

‘Calm’ developed by is a meditation and sleep app that helps you to better your sleep, lower stress and create a sense of less anxiety through the median of meditation. The app guides you through how to meditate effectively with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing exercises and many more.

If you are struggling to get to sleep at night because there are too many thoughts running through your mind then this might be the best app for you. Whether you have used the app before, done meditation in the past or your a complete newcomer, the app can guide you through many different experience levels for intermediate to advanced users. Some of the topics they cover in their mindfulness topics can really improve your nights with some ranging from allowing for deep periods of sleep to calming anxiety and to even managing stress and concentration. The app is best suited to when you may need it, they offer daily 10-minute programs where you can take time out to relax and unwind before bed or just take a quick 1-3-minute breathing exercise to help you focus at work.

The calm has been in the App game for a very long time now, it has picked up so many awards over the years such as best of 2018 award winner from Apple, 2017 app of the year and it was also voted the happiest app in the world by the centre of humane technology. They are just some of the reasons why the Calm App has made it into our experts top 5.

Continuing with apps we follow onto our next sleep assistant, Sleep Cycle. This App by Sleep Cycle AB is a revolutionary app to hit the iOS app store in recent years. The Sleep Cycle app is built to help and measure your overall body clock and its sleep cycle (would you have guessed it). It has been found that if your sleep cycle is significantly improved then it can be found to improve your overall health in some ways. The app is built around its intelligent alarm clock that has been designed to gently wake you up (at the right time) when you’re in your lightest part of your sleep cycle. That will then be used to analyse your sleeping patterns, all from the moment your head hits the pillow.

If you’re struggling to understand why you are waking up super early, or you’re finding it hard to wake up in the morning, this app will be perfect for you, as it gives a detailed analysis on why your not regularly sleeping. It will also take your analytics and measure that against how well the rest of the world is sleeping, so if you match up with another country sleeping patterns, it will tell you why and how you can maybe change that. As well as all this, the app will help you wake up in the morning by letting it find the perfect time for you to wake up while also maintaining a set time of when you most definitely have to be up.

The Sleep Cycle app has also been given an amazing ‘Editors Choice’ award from apple curators on the iOS App Store. Yet another reason for you to download this amazing app.

Not had the right fix of apps yet? good, because have we got an app for you. Slumber by Inidna Summer Media LLC has taken the iOS app store by storm, boasting over 1000+ reviews on the iOS app store, slumber is ready to help you sleep quicker.

Slumber has been designed to help users fall asleep faster with their stories and meditation collections. All you have to do is choose a story or a meditation to listen to and then you can listen and let your mindset into a state of deep calm and turn your mind and thoughts off. You can also use their amazing nature and background effects to create a serene environment from the warmth of your bed. As well as this, Slumber has also accommodated to the times by adding in a whole library dedicated to the new trend of ‘ASMR’ (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) which is where you can listen to delicate sounds to build up your sense and at night this can help you sleep faster by calming the brain instantly.

The Slumber app has been given recommendations from the likes of Apple as featuring them in the ‘New Apps we Love’ story and also from lifeHack as voting them as the ‘Best sleep App’ for this year.

Most people wouldn’t associate the Nokia name with any sleep products. But for the last few years, Nokia has been secretly dominating the sleep problem world. So in aid of this, we decided to show off one of their best products, the Nokia Sleep Pad.

The sleep pad is designed to be your sleep aid/buddy, with its fantastic technology it can really help improve your sleep by measuring such things as heart rate, breathing disturbances and sleep cycles. With all this information it will start to produce results and tips for you, for example, by monitoring your breathing disturbances it can create s snoring map of how much you snore at night (so you can prove the Mrs wrong). Another example is, it can give you a sleep coaching program, where it will then help you reduce fatigue and it can improve your health. If this doesn’t show the level of technology you can implement in your bedroom to help you sleep better, then we don’t know what is. But for that reason, that’s why we included it in our list.

As the name suggests, at number 5 we are including the Apple watch as a sleep assistant. Now although the watch itself does not feature any stock sleeping apps (Yet, come on Apple) that does not mean that there isn’t an abundance of ‘developer made’ sleeping apps for the watch, so instead of filling the list, we’re going to summarise a few apple watch apps.

AutoSleep – This is one of the only few on the Apple Watch store that allows for automatic tracking of sleep times, so it will intelligently tell when you’ve slept and measure it until it notices your awake, a fantastic feature to have when you’re worried about how much sleep you’re getting.

Sleep++ – With this app, it is known in the app store for its perfect simplicity, it prides itself on being information friendly so that you can view everything you need to, in one place. the app also tracks and saves all your data with you stock iOS health app companion so that you can view all your data in one place on your phone.

HeartWatch – The HeartWatch app has been built to provide you with your day to day heartbeats and monitor how your heart regulates itself. But we’ve chosen this app because it can be a perfect companion to measure your resting heart rate to maybe your walking or running heart rate, a lot of information that might come in handy one day


And that concludes, our list of the top 5 sleep assistants…