True or False -The information you might have got wrong about beds or mattresses.



We hear many misconceptions thrown around when it comes to beds and mattresses. So we are going through some of the common statements made about beds or mattresses and telling you which are true or false.

True or false? A firm mattress is better for a bad back


The idea that a firm mattress is the best option for your bad back is not entirely true. Which tension you choose is down to the individuals support needs, as well as personal preference .

Your ideal mattress is all is depending on your size, shape, and weight. For the best back support the goal is to sink into your mattress to the point that your spine is aligned correctly. So when it comes to a firm mattress it  may or may not be the best option for you. You should always try a mattress in store before buying if you have a bad back

True or false? Memory foam makes you warm.


It is a true that memory foam will make you warm at night. This is because memory foam or any other standard foam retains heat. It isn’t breathable like natural bed fillings. So if you get very hot at night the foam with retain any heat you give off keeping you very warm. This isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone, but if you do get very hot at night maybe think about an alternative to foam such a Latex. Latex is a natural filling and most importantly breathable keeping you at an optimal temperature whilst you sleep.


True or false? You always need to turn your mattress.


Every mattress does not need to be turned making this statement false. Only mattresses that state they need to be turned should be turned or flipped over. Beds that have natural fillings may need to be turned so settlement of fillings are even. Unless stated when purchasing do not turn you mattress.

The same goes for mattresses that are one sided, if all your comfort layers are on the top and you flip your mattress you can damage it by sleeping on the wrong side.  Mattresses labeled with seasonal turning will have a summer side and winter side, these should be flipped over accordingly.

True or false? Any mattress can go on an adjustable base.


This is indeed false, not just any mattress can go on an adjustable base. Adjustable bases need to be able to move freely. This means your mattress has to be able to bend and flex to the shape of the base without it being damaged in the process.  If you are purchasing an adjustable base make sure you ask sales staff about what mattresses can go on the base. You may find it better to purchase the mattress that is displayed with the base rather than sepratly.

Fortunately we have a range of adjustable bed sets for you to view online  here.  Alternatively you can visit us in any of our stores where we have a variety of brands on show for you to try.


True or false? More springs means it has a firmer tension.


This is false, the number of springs in a mattress does not mean the mattress will have a firmer feel. The thickness of the coil in a spring determines the mattresses firmness not the number within the mattress.  If you want a firmer mattress make sure you look at the tension labelled on the mattress not the spring count.

Alternatively if you would like to know more on Pocket springs and how they work, we have a helpful video explaining them here.


We hope this article has helped you have a better understanding of whats true or false on the subject of beds and mattresses. If you would like anymore information or would like to speak to one of our sleep experts call us on 01254 681 082 or via our live chat in the bottom right corner.