Sleep Apps 4 Best Android Apps For Quality of Sleep

Best Android Sleep Apps

It’s widely stated that sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The problem is that more and more people are struggling with this natural and essential activity.

Lack of routine,  interuption from sleeping partners and insomnia are some of the many reasons why getting regular, good quality sleep is becoming ever more elusive for many.

A good mattress is the first thing we need to look at when struggling with comfort but what other technologies can we use to achieve a good sleep routine, a calmer mind and deeper sleep?

Today we look for answers in the last thing many see before they fall asleep and find out if the secret lies within our mobile phones.

To find out, we tested twenty sleep apps to find out which four are the best.

Sleep as Android

There are many sleep tracking apps currently on the market but few do it as well as Sleep as Android. This ingenious app helps you form a sleep routine by allowing you to set a desired sleep time, then waking you up at the optimal wake up time. It then wakes you using gentle sounds to make your morning more pleasant. It also tracks your sleep quality and even has an anti-snoring feature. To top it off it can work with a number of third party devices such as smartlights and wrist tech. To help you drift off it has a number of relaxing audio tracks.

Checkout Sleep as Android Here

Relax melodies

Relax melodies is the perfect app for anyone looking for customisable audio that helps you drift off. Unlike other sleep apps, you can layer a number of  sounds to create an audio mix of all the things you find relaxing. If you find the sound of whales singing, mixed with singing bowls and rain this is the sleep app for you.

Check out Relax Melodies Here

Good Morning Alarm Clock

Are you looking for a straight forward app that helps you drift off then gently wake you up at the optimum time? The Good Morning Alarm clock may be the app for you. This clever little app allows you to set a desired sleep routine and helps you stick to it with gentle reminders, relaxing sounds and an alarm that doesn’t make you feel your bedroom is under attack. Simple to use, affective  and good for the nervous system.

Find out more about the Good Morning Alarm Clock Here


The focus of the Snore Lab app, as its name suggests, is to help reduce snoring throuout the night. By tracking your sleep and snoring patterns, Snore Lab can offer tips, advice and solutions on how to reduce snoring or even erradicate it alltogether.

The app itself is simple to use, provides a very good amount of feedback and has been reported to be very affective.

Find the Snore Lab App Here

Sleep Apps

There are of course a number of sleep apps on the market and we haven’t been able to try them all. Our top four is based on twenty apps we tried and have been selected based on the user experience, their features and their value for money.