Best Mattress Brands? A Selection You Should Definitely Consider

Best Mattress Brands A selection Should Definitely Consider

Here at Prestige Beds, we aim to bring you the very best mattresses to ensure that you get the perfect night’s sleep you deserve.

With so many brands and options available, it can be hard to find the best mattress to suit your needs. To help you achieve this, we’ve shortlisted 4 excellent high-quality brands, each with something different to offer.

Harrison Beds

To kick things off we have Harrison Beds. A well-established brand, known primarily for their high quality, all-natural fillings and revolutionary war of using pocket springs. Although you may not have heard of them, Harrison Beds make some of the most luxurious mattress/beds around.

The only bed manufacturer in the UK to source its wool from their very own sheep, Harrison Beds ensure that all of the wool they use is of the finest quality. Combine this with the 8 kilometres of high-quality wire that goes into every mattress and its’ really clear that Harrison mattresses are made with a level of care and expertise rarely seen in the modern age.


Our next entry is MLILY. Providing a more modern take on mattress design, MLILY incorporates innovative memory foam technology and gel infusion with pocket sprung support systems. By infusing their memory foam with cooling gel they avoid the common issue of overheating. What’s more, Mlily even have a ‘mattress in a box’ model, which is ideal for getting around tight corners and up narrow staircases.

All of this comes together to create a range of mattresses which are comfortable, modern and a pleasure to sleep on. And with the Manchester United players having them in their own homes, you can be sure they’ll leave you feeling fresh and ready to face the day.

Valley Collection

Our third pick is the Valley Collection, expertly created under the supervision of Prestige Beds’ very own sleep specialists. These mattresses have been built purely with the customer in mind. If you’re looking for excellent build quality without paying a premium price, then these mattresses are for you.

Combining high spring counts with a range of options, including natural fillings, memory foam and even reinforced borders, there’s a model for everyone. The best thing about the Valley Collection is that you’re not paying out of your pocket just for a brand name, even though all of their mattresses are made under the strictest guidelines to meet our own high standards. With the Valley Collection, it’s personal.


Our final entry into the top 4 mattress brands to consider is Millbrook. Millbrook are another extremely high-quality brand, producing some of the finest mattresses in the world. Their selection of luxurious top quality materials, such as Hampshire wool, Cashmere, and Egyptian cotton, compliment the expertise of their experienced craftsmen to create some of the most desirable beds and mattresses around. So if you’re looking for a top quality handmade mattress, a Millbrook may well be what you’re looking for.