Simba Mattress Alternative – Which is the Best?

simba mattress alternative

Mattress in a box from £399 (Call For Details). If you have been online or have watched any television over the past year you have more than likely seen a Simba advertisement. A mattress that has captured the attention of many due to it’s clever advertising and impressive specifications. The question is, what is the Simba mattress and what is the best Simba mattress alternative?

What is the simba mattress?

In a nutshell, the Simba mattresses is a hybrid mattress that combines pocket springs and memory foam to create a sleeping surface that is comfortable, supportive and responsive to its user. It has a very stylish contemporary design and is now seen by many as the go to mattress due to the excellent marketing campaigns seen on TV and online.

This all sounds great, and it is, but the hybrid design, using pocket springs and memory foam, is nothing groundbreaking in the mattress world. There are many manufacturers out there that have been designing and building mattresses this way for many years.

What Simba have managed to do is capture the minds and attention of thousands of people. They have created a brand that brings style to an otherwise old-fashioned world, demonstrates reliability through clever advertising and offers a handful of products that seem to make the buying process simple and straightforward. This is an achievement Simba should be congratulated for.

The real question is, are they the best? And is there a Simba mattress alternative that offers even more? The answer is, in our opinion, yes.

A Genuine Simba Mattress alternative?

When it comes to high quality, rollup, hybrid mattresses we have found one, that in our opinion, stands head and shoulders above the rest.

In our opinion the best Simba Mattress alternative is the Aria. A hybrid, roll up mattress from Manchester United’s Official Partner, MLILY. Designed to be a genuine Simba mattress alternative, the MLILY Aria has a core and comfort layer consisting of Pocket Springs and Memory foam but with the added benefit of Gel Infusion. By infusing their special Gel with memory foam, MLILY are able to create memory foam mattresses that are much cooler than those that use standard Memory Foam. This is a very welcome improvement for many as memory foam can be much warmer and stuffier to sleep on. This is all wrapped in a very stylish fabric that is both contemporary in design and very breathable.

Along with this the MLILY Aria also comes rolled up like Simba meaning you can have it easily delivered to the room of your choice. You may even be able to collect it from store yourself as it will fit in most cars.

Better than a Simba Mattress?

To make things even better, the MLILY comes with two free gel infused memory foam pillows which are, simply put, amazing. They really do finish off the product as a whole.

The MLILY Aria is definitely a serious Simba Mattress alternative. In our opinion it is actually superior in many ways. As an added bonus, if you purchase from Prestige Beds, you are entitled to quick delivery, Interest Free credit and we will always aim to beat any deal you have seen elsewhere.

If you would like to purchase an MLILY Aria, you can call us on 01254 681 082 or chat with us via the Live Chat on our website. Our sleep experts will always give you advice that suits your individual needs along with the best deals available.

Watch the video below to find out more about the MLILY Aria.