Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses

Our Countdown Of The Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is an incredibly popular mattress filling providing an excellent balance between comfort & support.

With an open cell structure which allows it to soften when warmed by your body heat, memory foam moulds to your unique body shape providing excellent support for every individual.

As there are so many memory foam mattresses available on the market, we thought it would be helpful to show you which ones we think are the very best.

5th – Sealy Memory Support Posturepaedic Mattress

This mattress is a great example of memory foam being used alongside springs to create an extra layer of comfort. The posturepaedic spring system combined with the zonal support included in the mattress makes it an excellent choice for those who suffer from lower back pain.

4th – Relyon Memory Dream Mattress

Coming in at number 4 is the Relyon Memory Dream mattress. Suitable for both divan and slatted bases, and without the need to regularly turn it over, the Relyon Memory Dream mattress is both no-fuss and high quality. Its washable cover and hypoallergenic foam also make it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Combining a top layer of Memory Foam with a thick base of Superflex Comfort Foam, this mattress provides excellent support and comfort. The Relyon Memory Dream comes compressed, rolled and vacuum-packed, making it easy to transport and quick to unpack.

3rd – Mlily Aria Mattress

This mattress uses a combination of Hybrid Mini Springs, cool comfort gel & zoned support foam to give you the deep, comfortable sleep you’ve been looking for!

The Mlily Aria mattress will keep you cool whilst you sleep thanks to the pocketed system of support. This allows air to flow through it and works alongside the cooling comfort gel to help regulate body temperature.

This mattress is delivered rolled-up so it is easy to get around the tightest of corners. It also comes with two free Mlily pillows which provide so your head and neck receive the same excellent comfort, support and cooling effects as the rest of your body.

Click Here for an in-depth review of the Mlily Aria mattress and find out why we think it’s the best ‘mattress in a box’ on the market.

2nd – Experts Choice Sawley Mattress

Our runner-up in second place is the Experts Choice Sawley Mattress.

The Sawley is a medium feel, hybrid mattress that has been designed using highly responsive pocket springs and pressure relieving memory foam. It also comes with reinforced sides, which increases the available sleep surface as the sides won’t sag. This also increases the stability of the mattress, so you are less likely to disturb them by moving about in the night.

The 1500 pocket springs make this mattress excellent for body contouring & spinal alignment, whilst the memory foam layer ensures that your body is evenly supported by distributing pressure across the bed.

The Sawley Mattress is also non-turn so you don’t have to worry about flipping a heavy mattress over every few months.

1st – Mlily Harmony 3000 Gel Memory Mattress

This mattress takes the top spot thanks to its combination of gel-infused foam, 3000 pocket springs, and very high production quality.

The comfort layer of this mattress is made up of three separate foam layers. The top layer contains gel-infused foam with cooling properties that help to regulate body heat. This sits on top of a 5cm deep layer of  cool-gel memory foam which supports body contouring & increases breathability to build on the cooling properties of the upper layer.

The final layer is a foam foundation which provides additional stability and comfort. The 3000 pocket springs underneath the comfort layer provide excellent body contouring, minimise movement transfer, and create that sprung mattress feel which many people prefer.

Beneath this, a firm flex foam support forms the base of the mattress. A reinforced surround also makes the mattress much more durable whilst extending the available sleep surface to the very edge. This increases the usable sleep area by a whopping 25%!

All of this means the ultimate in support, pressure relief & body contouring.

With a 5 year guarantee, a removable dry clean cover & no need for turning, the Mlily Harmony 3000 Gel Memory mattress deserves its place as the best memory foam mattress available today.