Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment: Temperature

Sleep Temperature

Find Your Ideal Sleep Temperature

The temperature of your bedroom is extremely important  in making sure that it is an environment conducive to great sleep. If your bedroom is too hot, cold or draughty, you may find that your sleep is of a poor quality. This could lead to you frequently waking up in the night. Therefore, make sure you accurately monitor the heat level of the room, and adjusted to maintain an optimum sleep temperature. To achieve this, it may be worth investing in a room thermometer for your bedroom.

Most people sleep best if the room temperature is between 16-18°C. As your body temperature is at its natural low point when you sleep, it is important to prevent the room from getting too cold. Any lower than 12°C and you will most likely find it difficult to sleep well. Any warmer than 24°C and your risk of overheating increases dramatically, which will equally impede your ability to sleep comfortably.

However, as each person is different and has their own specific preferences for factors affecting their sleep. It is worth noting that the ideal room temperature of 16-18°C is only an average, and personal preferences may vary. This is especially the case with younger children and the elderly, who often prefer a slightly warmer room.

Always check your bedding is the correct weight for the time of year to maintain the optimum sleep temperature. This also applies to the type of pyjamas and sleepwear that you choose. Never let your extremities, such as your head and feet, get too cold. A lot of body heat can be lost through these areas, especially in the winter. This means wearing socks to bed and not having bare forearms.