Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment: Mattress Comfort

Mattress Comfort


Mattress Comfort Is Key To Perfect Sleep

Finding the correct level of mattress comfort and support provided by the bed you sleep on is one of the most important ways of improving your sleep. If you are uncomfortable when lying in bed, you won’t be able to achieve good, revitalising sleep. It is essential that the comfort and support provided by your mattress is suitable to your specific needs.

Your weight and shape play a large role in determining whether a firmer or softer mattress is more suitable. Generally speaking, the larger and heavier you are, the more support you are going to need. However, this is only a general rule, and everyone’s body and requirements are unique. If you are sharing a bed, it is important that you find a mattress which suits both your needs. This can be a little more difficult as people’s individual requirements can vary dramatically. Yet with the huge variety of options available, there’s bound to be a solution which can please you both.

Another factor to consider when choosing a mattress is the available space. Make sure that there is enough room for you to move about in your sleep. You do not want to be constricted by a bed that is too small. Having more space also means that there is more room for air to move about in your bed, which will help to keep you cool and prevent you from overheating.

The type of mattress is also important. Whether you opt for pocket-spring, open coil, or a foam material, each choice has its own pros and cons. For example, if you share a bed, pocket-springs might be more suitable than an open-coil mattress as each spring is individually nested, which prevents movement transfer through the bed when one of you moves.

It’s All About That Base

In addition to choosing a suitable mattress, be sure to select a base which is compatible. Some mattresses and bases don’t compliment one another, and can lead to a poor night’s sleep even if the mattress would have been ideal. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the base accommodates the particular size, weight and type of mattress that you opt for. This is something which our in-store sleep exerts are more than happy to help you with.

Last of all, make sure that your mattress is properly cared for in order to keep it in tip top condition. Some mattresses require turning to make the most of their comfort and support. You should also make sure that your mattress is not too old, as they naturally deteriorate over time and become less effective.