What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

what is a pocket spring mattress

If you have been looking for a new mattress you may have come across pocket spring mattresses. They tend to be offered by the best manufacturers and are praised by everyone you speak to. The question is what is a pocket spring mattress and how are they so magical?

Unlike other spring systems, the design of the pocket spring allows each individual spring to work totally independent of its neighbour. Ths provides you with many benefits such as better body contouring and the minimisation of movement transfer through the mattress.

For this to be made possible each spring is placed inside its own fabric pocket which is fixed to each neighbouring spring by a method such as stitching or gluing

In contrast, most other spring systems are designed and constructed with the springs being directly connected to each other. This can be via methods such as coiled wire or clips. In some cases, an entire row of springs is created from one piece of wire.

The ability of pocket springs being able to conform to your body, rather than your body conforming to the mattress, is very beneficial. Pair this with the reduction of movement from a sleeping partner and it is quite clear why they are far superior t other spring mattress types.

Spring Count

One of the main things to look for in a pocket spring mattress is the number of springs the mattress is constructed from. A common misconception is that the more springs the harder the mattress is. This, however, is not always the case. Other factors such as fillings, the bed base/bed frame, the gauge of the spring’s wire and how many turns are in the spring are all factors that affect firmness.

Although many manufacturers try to persuade you to choose their mattress based on the spring count it should not be the only reason. Build quality and comfort should also be considered.

A rough guide to choosing a spring count is to aim for 1000 or more. Generally, 2000 is roughly the maximum number of standard size pocket springs you can fit in a mattress on one row. Above this and springs tend to be layered.

Pocket spring mattress – feel

When trying beds for the first time, many people feel awkward lying on a mattress and tend to either press their hand into the bed or sit on the edge. This can give a false impression of a pocket spring mattress due to the pressure being focused in one area. This can make a mattress feel softer, or even firmer than it actually is. As with all mattresses, the best way to test them is by lying on them for a minimum of 2 minutes with your partner. This way your weight is spread across the mattress and your body is given time to settle into position.

Mini Pocket springs

Mini pocket or micro springs are usually used in a mattress in combination with another component. This could be another spring system such as an open coil spring system, or even a standard pocket spring system.

A big advantage to a mini/micro pocket spring mattress is when they are used to compensate for deeper comfort layers where large quantities of fibers are used. Because pocket springs are designed in a way where they are slightly compressed, they tend to retain their comfort and height much longer than fibers. This means they can add extra durability to your mattress. Allowing it to perform at its best for longer.

Although there can be advantages to mini pocket springs, they again shouldn’t be the thing that sways your decision.

Choosing a pocket spring mattress

Choosing a mattress isn’t always straightforward. Some prefer soft mattresses whilst others prefer a harder feel. As people are different shapes and sizes, and medical conditions may limit the kind of mattresses that suits you, Manufactures are constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. Although this gives us great choice, the large variations based on a single technology can make things very confusing.

With regards to tension, you need to find a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. If a mattress is too soft,  your body may settle in a V shape.  This results in the heavier part of your body(bottom and hip area) sinking deeper than your head and feet. If a mattress is too hard, your body will sit on top leaving the arches of your body unsupported. What you are aiming for is comfort and for your spine to be perfectly aligned.

Other important considerations

Build Quality – make sure the build quality of the mattress is good. Check the spring count and the reputation of the manufacturer. And finally, as many mattresses in a bed showroom are being tried daily check for early signs of sagging.

Fillings – Check the fillings in the mattress are suitable. Are they natural? Are you allergic to natural fillings? Is it a filling which could make you hot at night?

Guarantee / Warranty – Check the warranty/Guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

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