What is a sprung base?

what is a sprung baseWhen choosing a new bed you may have come across the term sprung base. The problem is, you aren’t exactly sure what one is and what they do for you. This guide will help you find out the answer to the question, what is a sprung base?

Sprung bases are simply bed bases which springs added to their construction. Springs which are situated in the top surface of the base that help provide comfort ans support. They can be felt by simply pressing your hand down onto them.

Springs in a base can make your bed feel even more luxurious and soft, a feel that is preferred by many. Along with this, sprung bases can help increase the lifespan of the mattress by acting like a shock absorber, taking lowering of the workload on the mattress.

Spring bases do tend to soften the feel of a mattress. This is why most firm beds tend not to use a sprung base and opt for a platform top (no springs) instead.

Types of springs in a sprung base

Sprung bases are generally made up of either open coil based springs or pocket springs. Although the majority of bases tend to use an open coil or a manufacturer specific spring system, the more luxurious pocket spring base tends to be the system of choice in high-end divan beds.

Each pocket spring in a divan base is able to work independent of its neighbour, meaning, the user is technically sleeping on their own springs. This allows the body to be more contoured to and supported much more efficiently. Whilst minimising movement transfer through the bed.

Sprung edge & firm edge

There are two main types of sprung base, firm edge and sprung edge. In a sprung edge base the springs run the full length and width of the bed from edge to edge. A firm edge base works in the same way as a fully sprung base but with an extra feature. Firm edge bases have a firm “wall” that borders the base springs. Firming up the edge of the bed to prevent the feel of you rolling out as you get closer to the edge. In fully sprung bases, manufacturers can achieve similar results by putting firmer springs around the edge.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A sprung base is considered to be more luxurious than a platform top as they do more than simply keep you off the floor. They, aren’t however,  always the most suitable match for every mattress.

Sprung bases often make mattresses feel softer. For this reason platform bases tend to be used in beds that are either designed to have a firmer feel or with mattresses such as solid latex or memory foam. Therefore if a bed does not have a sprung base it doesn’t necessarily mean it is inferior. The chances has been purposely built that way.

Drawers and Sprung bases

Many people are under the impression that if you get a sprung base you can’t have drawers. This has been true in the past but is no longer the case. Due to advancements in design and technology, many sprung bases now have the option to have drawers.

Which type of base should I choose?

In our experience, it is always best to purchase the base that has been designed to go with the mattress. If the model has both platform top and sprung bases available, it’s best to choose a base that suits your budget and your comfort type. Sprung for a softer feel, platform top for a firmer feel.

If you are purchasing just a replacement divan base, then the deciding factors are usually down to budget or how firm you like your bed. Remember in the world of beds it tends to be the cheaper things are the more inferior the quality. Remember however, good deals can always be found with us at Prestige Beds.