Geltex – What is Geltex? Beds & Mattresses


Geltex is the new kid on the block in the world of beds and mattresses and it has arrived with its sights firmly set on yesteryears favourite, memory foam (Visco Elastic).

If you take a quick look on the official Geltex website, it is introduced as “an innovative combination of an extremely elastic gel and air-permeable foam.” this sounds great, but what does it mean? and what is it going to do for you?

Simply put Geltex aims to give you everything you need for a perfect night’s sleep, without many of the problems associated with other foam based beds the problems. Visco Elastic promised us the world a few years ago but unfortunately, only a few manufacturers got it right, Tempur being the biggest success story. The problem now is that foams, due mainly to the worry of heat issues, have got somewhat of a bad name. This has led to more and more customers entering shops asking for mattresses that don’t contain Foam.

The thing is, foam beds do tick most of the boxes with regards to what people want. A flat/non-tufted surface, the ease of no turn, pressure relief and body support are just a few examples of their benefits. Unfortunately, many tend to give you all these benefits with the downside of having excessive warmth. This is where Geltex steps in.

What does Geltex, do?

Geltex, as with many new materials today, attempts to fix the problems where memory foam, in the opinions of many, has failed. Offering the three things, that as of yet, haven’t quite arrived in one product.

Geltex, aims to be the ultimate, unparalleled material that offers the three golden benefits with no compromise, these are:

Optimal Breathability to stop you from getting too hot
Pressure relief to help with aches and pains
Body support to keep you in the position and shape mother nature intended you to be

Geltex Has the Advantage

Although other foams have their benefits, which are very attractive to many, each one doesn’t quite appeal to everybody. With common complaints such as overheating, slow “re-shaping”/ response times and in some rare cases, loss of memory (not returning back to its original shape) memory foam promised so much but couldn’t deliver those promises to everyone. This is where GELTEX® steps in. Currently used in the UK by popular brands Silentnight and Sealy, GELTEX® promises to do the job that other foams struggle at.

What Geltex seems to have done is take the feel of latex (which many people like) and combine it with all the advantages of Memory Foam. All whilst eradicating the common complaint of slow response. The feeling of “fighting the bed” each time you move.

What does GELTEX  feel like?

The beds in which we first experienced GELTEX where the Sealy 2800 Hybrid and the Sealy 1400 Hybrid. Going off these two mattresses alone, GELTEX was very impressive. That slow sinking feeling of other foam mattresses has gone, yet you do feel very well supported.

The temperature issue of GELTEX is also a definite improvement, especially over cheaper foam mattresses. The heat seems to disperse much more quickly and allows you to have a far cooler nights sleep. Our experience along with feedback received from owners definitely suggests GELTEX® may just have cracked it.


Is our impression of GELTEX a good one? Yes definitely. GELTEX mattresses do tend to sit in the higher price ranges, but this is always the case with new technology.

They are definitely worth considering if you are looking for:

A flat, non-tufted sleeping surface
An easily maintained non-turn mattress
Pressure relief
Body support
A mattress that isn’t too hot or cold

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