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Why Is Sleep So Important From Prestige Beds, The Go To Company For The Best Beds For Sale

With the final full week of Sleeptember arriving, we thought it’d be apt to let you know just why sleep is important and how it can benefit your general health in the long term. We also know that, as well as sleeping on nothing but the best beds for sale on the market from, there are several tips you can follow to really benefit from your night’s sleep. Thankfully for you, we at Prestige Beds, the number one company for the best real leather beds for sale plus other beds and mattresses from the likes of Relyon, Silentnight and more, we will be highlight why you need a good night’s sleep every night and just how you can achieve this.

When you get out of bed in the morning, you understandably don’t look as good as one would hope. It is a fact that if you don’t sleep as much as you should, you will never look as good as possible. This is because sleep deprivation will increase the chances of fatigue, wrinkly skin as well as making those dreaded bags under your eyes darker and bigger. As well as looking better, regular sleep will make you feel better. When you’re constantly exposed to sleep deprivation, your blood pressure and heart rate rises, obviously posing you at risks of bad health, and nobody wants this.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know you haven’t slept as much as you should and something happens or somebody says something to you the day after that you just don’t agree and you just snap? This is because lack of sleep is proven to make you grumpier, snappier and in general, moodier. When this happens, we all feel a bit foolish, so why do we do it to ourselves? As well as behaviour, sleeping well affects your performance. Research suggests that for every hour of sleep you lose, you also lose 1 IQ point. You are also prone to less concentration and lower ability of problem solving, which is vital in schools and the workplace. Several other factors such as decision making and impulse control are also affected by sleep deprivation.

We at Prestige Beds, the number one company for all kinds of beds for sale in Lancashire and beyond such as real leather beds and Relyon beds for sale, we know more than anyone the number of distractions that can lead to sleep deprivation. That’s why we have provided you with numerous distractions and ways to overcome these distractions.

Our Supplies Of Real Leather Beds & More Will Help You Sleep Better!

One of the biggest distractions for us has to be food. At night when you’re relaxing in your room before you go to sleep, many people tend to get hungry and nip downstairs for a snack or two. This can play havoc with your sleep as the digesting of the food can actually keep you awake. One way in which to avoid such a problem is by eating plenty at tea time. By doing so, you are filling yourself up good and proper at the right time, meaning food won’t even cross your mind before you sleep. Another massive distraction for sleepers around the world has to be technology. Whatever it is, from a mobile phone to your TV, all play the same role in keeping you from sleeping. Although people choose not to, a way of relaxing before bed is reading. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something interesting to grab your attention. Heck, it can even be something that fascinates you from the internet. Just make sure it’s in paper form!

As well as our tips and tricks, we also stock and supply a creditable collection of beds for sale including real leather beds, lamb’s wool beds and more, all of which are designed in a way to offer maximum comfort and relaxation when you sleep. For more information regarding sleeping tips, tricks or any of our fantastic real leather beds or other products from the likes of Relyon, simply get in touch today.