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Why a Mid or High Sleeper is a Great Choice for Children’s Beds

Here at Prestige Beds we offer a great range of beds, for all needs and for people of all ages. This means that everyone can have a huge choice whether you're buying new beds in Wigan, Warrington, Blackburn or Burnley. With Prestige Beds, this is especially true when buying beds for your children. When selecting kid friendly beds, there are many things to consider, the first and most important being comfort. But there is more to take into account, especially when considering that a child’s bedroom is normally one of the smallest in the house. It is necessary to find a way to maximise the space, whilst allowing a child to have a room in which they can have fun in and be themselves.

A great answer to this is a mid or high sleeper, a creative option to space saving which still offers the essentials of a child’s bedroom. The bed can offer excellent storage space, for clothes or toys and a desk which is an ideal space for schoolwork. This can open up a small bedroom, as well as offering a new functionality.

The differences between a mid or high sleeper become relevant when considering the age of the child that will be using the bed, with the high sleeper requiring the child to be more confident climbing up to the bed. For a younger child a mid sleeper may be the best option, especially when considering that it may be necessary to get in and out of the bed in the dark during the night.


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If you are looking for beds in Wigan and you need to save space as well finding your child a stylish and practical bed, the mid or high sleeper is a great choice. The high sleeper has the benefit of offering space underneath the bed, with storage and a desk and chair available, leaving the rest of the room to be used for your child’s imagination. The mid sleeper does give you similar storage options, although the desk is designed to pull out, meaning that space is compromised slightly. However, this is still a great option for creating space when the desk is not being used.

These beds are not just great for giving you more space. You can also make great savings by avoiding the costs of extra cabinets and drawers, with the mid or high sleeper covering so many of your needs. They also offer great versatility, with many available attachments, some offering play areas underneath the bed if you already possess the storage space you need.

Whether visiting us online or in one of our bed shops in Lancashire, we can offer you great advice on the right bed for you. We offer free delivery across the North West, including those looking for beds in Wigan and Manchester.