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Whats The Difference Between Memory Foam And Latex

Memory foam and Latex which is the right choice for you?

When is comes to the comfort of your mattress and it's fillings, Latex and Memory foam have become the increasingly popular choice among bed buyers, though many of them find themselves asking "what is the difference between memory foam and latex?"  With so much choice its important to know the facts and benefits of each to help you choose which is best for you and your needs.

Whether its top brands such as Tempur who created its very own brand of high grade memory foam, or Dunlopillo and its use of 100% natural latex. Both have benefits and both can be very different, so here we are looking at the main differences between Tempur Memory Foam, and Dunlopillo Latex.

Tempur Foam

Memory foam is advertised as a reactive foam that responds to your body heat and weight creating a pressure relieving surface, made from and open cell structure it helps evenly distribute your weight for maximum comfort.  Advertised as a "weightless" feeling by Tempur, this pressure relief takes stress off some of the key pressure areas conforming and adapting to your body helping you feel more comfortable and supported.

The main benefit from memory foam is that the material its made from helps absorb any motion. This is beneficial if you have a sleeping partner as any motion in the night is absorbed by the mattress so it isn't felt by your partner in the night. Tempur explains that this motion absorption is measured by rebound. Tempur mattresses have an impressive rebound of only 3% while other memory foam brands have only 20% or less. Making it in theory a more effective memory foam.

As Tempur's memory foam reacts to heat and pressure the surface should respond best at average bedroom temperature allowing it to easily soften under your body weight supporting you and conforming  itself to your unique shape and weight .

However as the foam reacts to temperature if your bedroom is particularly cold this can take longer for the mattress to react to your own body weight and temperature. On the other hand if you are a particularly hot person when sleeping, the mattress can retain this heat causing some people to become to hot.

Dunlopillo Latex

Latex is a very eco friendly filling for mattresses, made from the sap of a rubber tree this latex is completely natural. Because it is natural latex it has anti-allergic, antibacterial, and anti-microbial properties. Making it a very clean and hygienic option for people who may suffer with allergies.

Latex is an incredibly durable material allowing it to hold its structure for many years, providing a long lasting performance that wont deaerate or sag over time. Due to its elasticity the natural latex  provides great responsive pressure relief helping to promote healthy blood flow and support.

A great benefit from latex is that its breathable due to its open cell structure made up of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles. This helps produce a constant air circulation through the mattress through natural body movement during sleep, helping keep the mattress comfortably cool and dry all night.

The verdict

Both Latex and Memory Foam have beneficial properties, and both are great options to consider.

However they do differ and depending on the type of sleeper you are and what you find comfortable will make all the difference if picking between the two.  We recommend spending time trying them both out in person and keeping in mind some main points.

  • If you get very hot at night and find it to uncomfortable to sleep in you may be better with a latex mattress as memory foam stores heat where as latex breaths.
  • Latex is also great if you are looking for something hypoallergenic.
  • If you want something that wont move you or your partner during restless nights,  Tempur has a great motion absorption rate keeping you undisturbed no matter how much your partner may toss and turn.

Most importantly you must choose which ever mattress you find supports you and is the most comfortable. We hope this article has shed some light on some of the key differences between latex and memory foam and if you would like some more details on Dunlopillo mattresses or Tempur mattresses you can find it on our website.