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What are Pocket Springs? Bite Sized Bed Guide (Video)

Buying a new bed and mattress can be a complicated task. Today on Bite Size Bed guides we look at pocket springs, what pocket springs are along with the benefits and advantages they provide.

Pocket springs work differently than other spring systems due to their ability to work independently of each other. Each individual spring is wrapped in a lightweight fabric, usually calico.

The encased spring is then joined together with the surrounding springs by methods such as stitching or gluing of the fabric casing.

When these springs are joined together each spring is able to move freely of the surrounding springs. This independent movement of the springs helps the mattress contour to the shape of your body more efficiently, providing better support on areas of your body that need it the most.

As you move around on a pocket-sprung mattress the individual springs react to your pressure moving only the springs you directly put pressure on. This means any other sleepers in the bed at the time wont be disturbed or moved about as you move in the night.