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The Top 7 Snoozy World Records

We all enjoy a good weird and wonderful world record, so we’re exploring our favourite top 7 snoozy world records to date, from the largest beds to the most people crammed into the smallest of beds.

1. The largest bed ever made

The bigger the better for some people, or certainly it was that way for this record holder. Created by Commissie Zomerfeesten, St Gregorius Hertme in the Netherlands, this record holder created the largest bed ever made on 28th may 2011. Measuring in at a massive 86 feet 11 inches by 53 feet 11 inches gaining its rightful place in the Guinness world records.

If you fancy making yourself the biggest bed ever, or maybe just the biggest bed you could fit in your bedroom, you can have your own bed handmade to any size you wish, within reason of course by Harrison beds which you can order from us today.

The largest bed ever made

2. The most people in a single bed

From more room than necessary to no room at all, Xilinmen Furniture Co. in China Ltd currently holds this world record with a whopping number of 54 people crammed into a standard single size bed, though were not quite sure how they managed it. This record was achieved on the set at a CCTV Guinness World records special in Beijing, China on the 7th of September 2013.

Unless your planning on attempting the world record yourself, we recommend sleeping just one person in a standard single size bed for maximum comfort and room to move around. We have a great selection of single beds and mattresses online and in store for you to try, and we promise you will be more comfortable than those 54 people in Beijing.

The most people in a single bed

3. The most expensive bed made

It comes as no surprise that one of the most expensive beds ever made was fit for a queen, Queen Elizabeth II to be exact. This particular bed was crafted in honour of the 60th anniversary of the queen’s coronation. Taking over 700 hours to craft and using materials such as Mongolian cashmere, 1,600 miles of woven silk thread and American horsetail. Created by one other than Mattress Company Savoir this magnificent regal bed had a staggering retail price of £125,000.

Buying the most expensive bed in the world implies quality but you don’t have to spend a large fortune to find a bed you love. So we made you a small list of some of our best value for money beds:

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The most expensive bed made

4. Longest time spent awake

If you consider yourself a night owl, you will appreciate this record holders dedication to breaking this particular record. Tony Wright, a 42-year-old from Cornwall managed to stay awake for 11 consecutive days On May 24, 2007. This wasn’t his first time carrying out something like this as he had previously completed over a 100 other sleep deprivation experiments. He also claimed to take on a special raw-food diet to help keep his brain and body awake and functioning for as long as possible.

We understand that when you have been awake for hours feeling like days have passed you need the utter most comfort, that’s why we have some of the latest designs in comfort for when you finally get some much needed shut eye.

Longest time spent awake

5.  Tallest mattress tower

This particular record brings to mind the image of the princess and the pea, with the stacking of mattresses on top of each other in order to find comfort. Well there was no princess present but they certainly managed to stack quite a few mattresses on top of each other with out it toppling. Verlo Mattress in the USA created the tower on the 15th of November and they managed to reach a height of 5.01 Meters or 16 feet 5.25 inches.

Tallest mattress tower

6. Fastest making of a king size bed

Making your bed can be a chore sometimes, one that takes too far long trying to get all those corners properly tucked in and pillows just right. But a hotel manager from Travelodge set it upon herself to be the fastest at getting her job done and breaking a world record at the same time. Andrea Warner managed to make a king size bed changing sheets, pillows and duvet cover in a record 74 seconds. 

Fastest making of a king size bed

7. The most people eating breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love being treated to breakfast in bed, well 418 people in china where treated to just that in order to achieve this record. The record was achieved by Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River hotel where all 418 people, including some children who also sat on the beds with their parents but were not counted towards the final total, all enjoyed a breakfast whilst achieving a world record.

If you are lucky enough to be treated to breakfast in bed in the morning then we recommend you keep your mattress safe from spills and crumbs we like the Tender Touch Plush Mattress protector by Protect-A-Bed.

The most people eating breakfast in bed