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The Origins Of Friday The 13th

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Do you suffer with paras­ke­vide­kat­ri­ap­ho­bia? Yes, thats right the fear of friday the thirteenth has an official name, does this make it a legitimate phobia? Well, thats up to you. Today on this supposedly unlucky day we look in to the origin of friday the thirteenth, and whats behind the superstition surrounding the day.


It’s originally thought to arisen around the Middle Ages, and thought to be linked to Biblical times. Its said its was the day Adam and Eve ate the apple that led to their banishment of paradise, Friday was also the day Jesus was said to be crucified. The list goes on with Biblical scriptures, with Judas apparently being the 13th person at the last supper who then led to the capture and crucifixion of Jesus.

Another possible reason for the unluckiness of Friday the thirteenth, is during the 14th century King Philip IV of France arrested the knights templar on said day, the grand master of the order is also said to of cursed Both king Philip and the pope at the time at the time of his death.

Some connections made with Thirteen being unlucky include things like there being thirteen steps up to the gallows. It was once believed a coven of witches included 13 members some say the thirteenth was the devil himself. An old superstitions says if you have thirteen letters in your name you had the devils luck. Easily dismissible but then there a  few well knows names that contain 13 letters like Charles Mason, Theodore Bundy and you know Jack the Ripper just to name a few.

But does all this explain why Friday the 13th is so unlucky, well maybe, maybe not but there has been a few unlucky things happen on this date. The Telegraph reported a few unfortunate events to happen on friday the 13th over the years.

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In 1940 five German bombs hit Buckingham palace’s chapel completely destroying it.

The Unfortunate New Yorker, Daz Baxter was more than a little bit worried on Friday thirteenth 1976, so much so that he decided to stay in bed all day away from any mishaps. Unluckily later that day his floor collapsed in his building dropping him six stories to his death.

Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful mission to get man on the moon.

A thirteen year old was struck by lightning on friday the 13th at 13:13

Then there are some people who are simply just taking extra precautions no matter the day it is it would seem.  With even large high rise buildings simply missing out the number 13 when naming their floors. Just a tad superstitious though don't you think? Surely counting the floors 11, 12, 14, still means you have a thirteenth floor you just haven't named it the thirteenth floor. But then again does naming it the fourteenth instead of the thirteenth floor means it’s no longer unlucky? Who knows?

Apparently they aren’t alone in this with airports missing out a thirteenth gate, and hospitals missing out the thirteenth room. Theres also probably claims of a haunted hotel room out there somewhere that happens to be the thirteenth room! But then again maybe its better to be safe than sorry we suppose.

But when it all comes down to this one specific unlucky day, simply telling everybody they are going to have an unlucky day could in fact cause people to act differently, in effect making them panic and possibly getting into more accidents, in turn reinforcing the idea that the day is unlucky.

Is it bad luck? Or just the probability of something having to go wrong at some point for an “unlucky” few. 

If you happen to have an unlucky Friday the 13th we sympathise with you, but would also love to hear about it.