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The Best Sleeptember Sleeping Tips From Prestige Beds, The Best Bed Shops UK Wide!

If you haven’t yet noticed, Sleeptember is finally upon us! This month of sleep celebration is truly sweeping across the nation with most if not all bed shops UK celebrating, including us at Prestige Beds, the number one suppliers of Dunlopillo Pillows online. For this marvellous month, we have a number of offers lined up as well as the best sleeping tricks and tips plus many more exciting things going on, you don’t want to miss it! To kick off Sleeptember, we at Prestige bed shops UK thought we’d treat you to numerous sleeping tips that you can follow to get the best from your night’s sleep. These tips, alongside our prestigious products across our bed shops UK including our Dunlopillo Pillows Online are sure to give you the greatest sleep you could possibly imagine!

Take it from Prestige bed shops UK, the leading suppliers of Dunlopillo pillows online one of the biggest contributing factors to a good night’s sleep is your sleeping environment and many more smaller factors help maximise your sleeping environment to allow you to enjoy fantastic sleep. To allow this, your bedroom must be pleasant and welcoming to the idea of sleep, but how do you achieve this? First of all, ensure your room is fully dark with no chance of any light creeping in. Regardless of how you achieve this, either by blinds or eye masks, it’s just important that you do achieve this. As well as this, try to leave televisions, mobile phones, computers and any other devices featuring an LED display out of your room. This is because such devices actually suppress the sleep hormone (melatonin), ultimately making it harder for you to fall asleep.  

As well as having a welcoming and relaxing sleeping environment, leading a healthy lifestyle is also key in securing a great night’s sleep. During the day, you are either working or studying hard and all this hard work can continue into the evening. It’s important that you acknowledge the necessity of winding down correctly from your working day to prepare your body and your mind for sleep. One good method of winding down before bed is avoiding the consumption of food and drink before you sleep. If you choose to eat and drink a lot before sleep, your digestive system will be working hard to digest your food as you sleep, meaning you aren’t fully relaxed. Although pretty self-explanatory, it’s also a good idea to avoid napping during the day. When you fall asleep, it’s pretty hard to wake yourself up, so you could fall asleep for hours without realising. This would stop you feeling tired so when it comes to bed time, you won’t want to sleep. This, in time, would completely mess up your sleeping pattern.

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Although the previously mentioned tips are pretty important, there is nothing as important as your sleeping products such as your bed, your mattress and your pillows. In fact, your bed, mattress and pillows can be and are normally the deciding factors on whether or not you experience a relaxing sleep which can make you feel awake and fresh the following morning, or a poor sleep which leads to higher levels of tiredness and fatigue. Luckily for you, our bed shops UK stock and supply the best bedding products on the market including Sealy mattresses, Silentnight beds and Dunlopillo Pillows Online to name just a few. Scientific research has shown that persisting to sleep on a poor quality bed or mattress can result in you losing up to an hour of sleep per night, which in total, is 365 hours per year. Can you really afford to be losing such an amount of all-important sleep a year? We certainly don’t think so. If you’re noticing your bed may be aging and getting older, waste no time in purchasing a new one sooner rather than later and why look any further for bed shops UK than us at Prestige Beds?

As well as having various bed shops in Lancashire, we also offer a fantastic delivery service to those seeking our services that are a little further afield meaning anyone can get their hands on the fantastic products we supply such as our Dunlopillo pillows online. We ensure that all our products including our Sealy beds in store and our Dunlopillo pillows online are of the finest quality to help you in terms of sleeping standard.

For more information regarding sleeping tips, or our outstanding Dunlopillo pillows online or any other of our products for that matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Prestige Beds today.

Sleep well!