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Technology In The Bedroom

The world has changed almost beyond recognition over the last couple of decades, and everywhere you turn today gadgets and technology play a major role. Whether it is for work or just simply for entertainment, most people use technological gadgets every single day of their lives.

While some believe there is a time and place for devices, others carry them wherever they go – even when heading to the bedroom for a supposedly good night’s sleep. Around ninety-five per cent of people use some sort of gadget during the hour before they go to bed, and some even use them in the minutes before they try to get some sleep, on their comfy Sleepeezee mattress.

Nevertheless, using technology before bed could be affecting the quality of your sleep. Many scientific studies have concluded that the light from certain gadgets could be disrupting to sleep because the brain remains alert.

Many of these gadgets emit a blue light, which the circadian rhythm in the brain is particularly sensitive to. Nonetheless, how are these gadgets affecting your sleep?

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, it could be because you have been using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop in the hours leading up to bedtime. The blue light that is emitted from certain gadgets represses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm, or sleep/wake cycle, as it is also known. When the production of melatonin is disrupted, it makes it harder to fall asleep and eventually, to stay asleep.

If you are suffering with your sleeping pattern, then it may be wise to avoid using technology in the bedroom, and it may be worth avoiding using it for at least an hour before you plan to sleep. Those who sleep in a technology free room tend to have a more restful sleep – especially if you have a pocket sprung mattress.

Many individuals do not realise that watching TV or updating social media statuses before bedtime can actually cause the brain to stay active, potentially disrupting sleep. Engaging the mind before sleep makes it difficult to relax and fall into a deep sleep. It is much better to give yourself time to unwind before trying to sleep, as this will allow you to enjoy a deep slumber.

Having devices such as mobile phones and tablets in the bedroom while you sleep is also a bad idea. If you are lucky enough to fall asleep after using your devices, you may find that your sleep is interrupted by message alerts and notifications. Having electrical devices in the bedroom can also affect the quality of sleep and can reduce sleep time by up to an hour a night.

It is worth leaving your gadgets out of the bedroom, especially if your sleeping pattern has been a bit off kilter lately. It could well be that technology is affecting your sleep. Do not take your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to the bedroom, and take the TV out too. Spend an hour relaxing by reading a book before sleep, and you may soon notice a significant difference in the amount and quality of your sleep, on your lovely Hypnos mattress.