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Take Advantage Of Our Wonderful Beds For Sale In The Last Weekend Of Our Summer Sale!

Since the start of July, we have been running a sensational summer sale in all of our Lancashire bed shops where you can save up to a staggering 60% off a number of mattresses and beds for sale. This sale, which is only available in store, ends this coming weekend. For our customers looking for beds Burnley and beyond, we’ve been able to offer them the best beds for sale on today’s market from the biggest brands including Sealy beds for sale, Relyon mattresses and more at shockingly impressive prices. We can guarantee that no other bed shop in Lancashire will offer such prices on Sealy beds for sale and more, but what beds for sale can you expect to save on this weekend?

Our marvellous mattresses are sure to impress even the most difficult sleepers and with 60% off, you’d be a fool to miss out! One of our best-selling Relyon mattresses here at Prestige Beds is the wonderful Marlborough Divan which forms part of the heritage collection. With this mattress comes not a single layer, but a double layer of centre tied pocketed springs which offers maximum comfort for any sleeper. As well as the springs, you will also find a fantastic layer of anti-allergy material plus cotton & lambswool. This wonderful mattress also offers maximum hygiene in the form of the innovative Silver Plus technology. Silver Plus offers fresh fabric and eliminates microbial growth thanks to the coating which was solely designed on silver ions and micro particles. This mattress allows you to sleep with confidence and comfort and also guarantees the best night’s sleep for you. This mattress costs £969, though in our summer sale, will only set you back £581.40 so pay any of our Lancashire bed shops to bag a real bargain!

As well as supplying Lancashire and beyond with the best mattresses on the market, we also stock the best beds for sale from the biggest brands, including a massive collection of the best Sealy beds for sale.

There’s No Better Time To Choose From Our Sealy Beds For Sale!

Understandably, you want the best night’s sleep. We make sure that we stock and supply the best beds for sale to ensure you receive the highest quality of sleep. One of the leading bed manufacturers in the UK, Sealy, have been manufacturing their range of Sealy beds for sale since the late 1800’s so are safe in knowing that they have all the knowledge and expertise to be able to offer you the best beds for sale for the greatest night’s sleep. One of our best-selling Sealy beds for sale, the Sophia Gold 1400, is sure to impress. As the name may suggest, this beautiful bed features 1400 zoned pocketed springs which, combined with other fantastic features including a pillow top finish mixed with innergetic latex plus a knit fabric cover that can stretch, offers a fantastically comfy night’s sleep every time. This bed will also control your temperature, eradicating the annoyance of being too warm in bed which can result in lack of sleep. This is because of the Tencil fabric which treats the bed and allows it to stay cooler through the night. This bed, which is normally priced at £699, is available from just £419.40 in our summer sale. As well as the Sophia Gold, we have many more Sealy beds for sale in super Summer sale, so pay us a visit today and save money on the best Sealy beds for sale today!

As previously mentioned, our Summer sale finishes this weekend. We wouldn’t want you missing the sale on Relyon mattresses, Sealy beds for sale and more, so come and pay us a visit in any of our Lancashire bed shops including our brand new bed shop in Burnley, offering the best beds for sale Burnley and beyond. Please be aware that although we supply the same products such as our Sealy beds for sale online, the summer sale is only available in store. For more information regarding our summer sale or any of our products including our Sealy beds for sale, give us a call, send us an email or pay us a visit today! 

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