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Summer Sleeping Tips From Prestige, The Leading Suppliers Of Sealy Beds Online

We at Prestige Beds, the number one shop for Sealy beds online and the go to shop for those looking for Bed shops Blackpool, are celebrating the arrival of British sun.   As the temperatures across Lancashire increase, our days are getting warmer and warmer. Temperatures across the county are being recorded at a staggering 25C which for some people can be great.  For others, the heat can be too much, especially when it comes to sleeping. It is common knowledge that it is more difficult to sleep properly during those summer months as opposed to the cooler parts of the year where you can be snugly cuddled up in your duvet. This is due to a number of reasons and as the leading suppliers of Sealy beds online, we at Prestige Beds would like to offer a number of tips to ensure the heat does not deprive you of all important sleep.

· Wear PJ’s to bed. Firstly, the materials that make your pyjamas actually have the ability to draw sweat from your body making you cooler and more comfortable during the night. Also, the texture of the pyjamas feels better against your bedding than if it was your skin against the duvet and the sheets. As well as this, some peoples skin may be sensitive to particular kinds of washing powder or detergent and if the skin comes in clear contact with the duvet, an unpleasant skin reaction may occur.

· Have a cool shower or bath before bedtime. By doing so, you are cooling your whole body down before you stay in a warm environment for the duration of your sleep. Scientists suggest that your body needs to drop by half a degree at least to ensure a cooler and better night’s sleep and what better way than enjoying a relaxing cool shower?

· Avoid late night meals and snacks. If you choose to eat late at night, your body will digest the food during the time when you’re supposed to be sleeping. The digestive process can actually keep you awake, which on top of other problems during the warm nights, can just add to potential sleep deprivation.

· If nothing else, buy a new bed. Buying a bed can be a considerably rare occasion, which means it will have endured wear and tear throughout many years previous. All the countless warm summers as well as many other contributing factors can add up and ultimately reduce the quality of your bed. Luckily for you, we have a number of fantastic products for sale including Sealy beds online.

We are Lancashire’s leading suppliers of top quality beds and mattresses including Sealy beds online and more for a number of reasons, not to mention our top of the range delivery service that covers those looking for top quality bed shops Blackpool. 

Look No Further Than Prestige Beds For Bed Shops Blackpool

Wherever you may be located in the Lancashire area, a top quality local bed shop is always a good thing to have. Prestige Beds are proud to be Lancashire’s number one bed shop for Sealy beds online as well as all other leading brands in the industry, through any of our 4 fantastic bed shops or through our excellent delivery service. Waste no more time looking for brilliant bed shops Blackpool when you can choose from our extensive range of products and benefit from fantastic delivery all at the same time.

If your purchase online is above £400, we will deliver your bed or mattress completely free of charge as long as you live in England, Scotland or Wales. Should your order fall under the £400 mark, you will be charged an affordable price of just £30. For those who live within a 30 mile radius of any Prestige bed shop, all orders below £400 will cost you just £15. With this creditable service covering all of our range of top quality products including Sealy beds online, why spend needless time looking for bed shops Blackpool?

We can guarantee that we are the number one go to company for all kinds of beds and mattresses including Sealy beds online, Silentnight beds for sale and more. If you’re local to any of our Lancashire bed shops, come and see us today. If you’re looking for bed shops Blackpool, check out the same fantastic range online.