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Looking for that amazing new mattress that you've seen at Prestige Beds? But don't have the money to spend upfront. No worries. Snap Finance is here to help. You can now spread the cost over 15 weeks, read below for more info or call up. Once you've made the decision to use snap finance, check your eligibility and apply below

1. Contact Us for
more info

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2. Complete Application

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3. Pick your Perfect Bed

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4. Start Paying Weekly

All Snap Finance loans come with 15 weeks interest-free payoff. Pay us the full amount back in 15 weeks and there’s no interest to pay. If payday is right around the corner but your in need of that new mattress, let Snap pay for your new sumptuous bed, then settle within 15 weeks and pay no interest.

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Am I eligible for Snap Finance?

We'd love you to have a purchase with us thanks to Snap FInance. To make sure that you are correct for the finance and tick all the boxes, read our quick checklist here
before applying.

Apply Here

1. Are you over the age of 18?

2. Do you have a regular income (Benefits accepted as income)

3. Do you have 3 and a half years of UK address history.

Only apply if you intend to buy through our Prestige Beds Only Application link.

What if i dont use Hello15?

Bills keep coming and life keeps moving, so if your money is needed somewhere else and you don't use the 15 weeks pay off option, just carry on paying the minimum payments and you'll pay it off over 15 months. It’ll cost you about £3 per month for every £100 borrowed.

At any point, after the first 15 weeks, you can settle your loan early and only pay interest up to that point. We're as flexible as you need us to be!before applying.

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