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Sleeptember Celebrations at Prestige Beds!

Sleeptember is a month-long initiative raising awareness of the health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Many of us pay attention to the benefits of nutrition and exercise, but overlook one of the most important parts of leading a healthy, active and happy lifestyle – sleep!

As Prestige Beds we’ll be raising awareness of The Sleep Council’s Sleeptember scheme in highlighting the huge health benefits of changing your sleep habits for the better.

As well as dishing up all the helpful, interesting and sometimes shocking sleep facts we can muster, we also have exclusive offers on for the month of Sleeptember!

We will be unveiling all the EXCLUSIVE offers on beds and mattresses in our September Sale, offering FREE Sleepshaper memory foam pillows and giving 10% OFF vouchers* to our super subscribers! (all ending 28th September).

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Break the Habit of a Night Time This Sleeptember with free Delivery of Beds in Manchester!

In our last blog post, we explored just what happens when we sleep, and why it’s so important for our body, brain, blood and hormones. We all need regular, fully restorative good nights’ sleep to ensure we are in good health, sharp-thinking and ready to take on each day.

Not getting the adequate amount of healthy sleep can seriously impact our short and long-term health, and as a nation we are not getting our full 40 winks…

The majority of people in the UK (70%) now sleep for seven hours or less per night with more than a quarter experiencing regular, poor quality sleep. Furthermore, the number of Britons getting just 5-6 hours per night has risen sharply: over one third of us now get by on that small amount of sleep.

In a survey by the Sleep Council - 1 in 6 women found that their tiredness was caused by an uncomfortable, unsupportive bed. Beds can deteriorate by as much as 70% after ten years, losing a significant amount of comfort and support after just 6. If you’ve lost that ‘new bed’ feeling, head on down to our bed shops in Preston, Blackburn or Burnley to discover the difference a new bed or mattress can make.

The foundation of good sleep, research has found that an uncomfortable bed could deprive you of up to an hour’s sleep. To help you supercharge your sleep this Sleeptember, we’re offering fantastic discounts on new beds and mattresses, with free delivery within 30 miles of our Blackburn bed showroom. So if you’re looking for beds in Manchester to Preston or beyond, we can help you achieve that elusive great night’s sleep not just for Sleeptember, but for many happy, healthy, well-slept years to come!

*Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount