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Bed Show Rooms in Lancashire

Prestige Beds cater to the needs of those across Lancashire seeking the best beds and mattresses, like those looking for beds for sale in Blackpool for example. With over 50 years in business our aim is to provide you with the highest quality brands at the lowest possible prices with fast and efficient delivery for those unable to visit us in store, so those looking for beds in Warrington and bed shops in Manchester for example.

With hundreds of beds on display across our five stores, we are sure we will have the right bed for those struggling to find bed shops in Blackpool and across Lancashire, so if you're not suited with bed shops in Wigan or anywhere else in Lancashire, don't waste time looking for beds in Wigan. Simply feel free to visit us and give them a try. If you're looking for new mattresses and beds in Warrington or anywhere else in Lancashire, Prestige Beds have you covered.

We provide a specialised knowledge to our customers about every variation of bed with each of our trained staff having worked for many years within the trade, therefore possessing vast experience and knowledge in the development of each bed and mattress we sell whether it be pocket sprung or open coiled, memory foam or latex. We hope our expertise will go towards helping you select the best beds in Wigan that is most suited for your needs with only a quality night sleep for our customers in mind. If you're struggling to benefit from bed shops in Warrington or sick of browsing the same beds for sale in Blackpool or anywhere else across the North West and fancy a change, why not give Prestige Beds a try? 

Bed Delivery to Manchester & Beyond

If visiting any of our bed showrooms is a problem, or if your local bed shops Blackpool and bed shops Manchester wide simply aren't up to our standards, we have hundreds of beds available online from leading brands including Silentnight, Sealy, Rest Assured, Sleepeezee, Relyon, Bentley Designs and Kaydian which is the perfect alternative to standard bed shops in Blackpool. We are sure to find those seeking new mattresses and beds in Warrington from bed shops in Warrington or anywhere else in the North West the best product for them. Like in store, our online staff are of the same calibre, with a wealth of experience and ready to advise you with any query you may have making Prestige Beds ideal for those seeking bed shops in Manchester. If you're unable to find bed shops in Wigan or are sick of looking for bed shops in Blackpool, you can contact one of our staff by either calling us on 01254 681082, by e-mail to enquiries@­prestigebeds.­co.­uk , or by using our one-to-one on-line chat for instant assistance (see icon at top of page). By contacting our friendly and helpful team, you are eliminating the hassle of trailing through bed shops in Warrington. Our online delivery service is perfect for anyone looking beds for sale in Blackpool and across Lancashire who can't reach us in store.

So what are you waiting for? Waste no more time trying to find the best beds in Warrington or bed shops in Wigan. With over 1000 items in stock including Divans, Mattresses, Leather frames, Wooden frames, Metal frames, Children’s Beds, Guest Beds, Adjustable Beds and Sofa beds ready for express delivery across the North West, there really is no better alternative to standard bed shops in Manchester - so if you're looking for bed shops in Manchester as well as bed shops in Warrington and across Lancashire or if you're stuck in finding the best collection of beds in Wigan, look no further than Prestige as we deliver the finest products from our bed shops Blackpool to Blackburn and beyond.