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Save Up To 50% Off On Our Sleepeezee Beds For Sale & More In Our Amazing Autumn Sale!

So the summer has gone and autumn is here, and don’t we just know it. We’ve said goodbye to the scorching sunshine for now and welcomed the wretched rain & wind. Although this sounds pretty miserable, this autumn has just got a whole lot better, up to 50% better to be exact! Why is this? We at Prestige Beds thought we would kick-start Autumn in style. To make up for the sorrowful weather outside, we are offering up to a staggering 50% off ALL products across ALL Prestige Bed shops in Lancashire! That’s right, you can save hundreds of pounds on the biggest and best names in the industry such as Sleepeezee beds for sale, Relyon mattresses and more this autumn. There is no other way in which to save this much on our products, so you don’t want to miss out!

Like previously mentioned our autumn sale covers the biggest and best names in the industry, such as Sleepeezee beds for sale. One example of the fantastic Sleepeezee beds for sale you can save on this autumn sale is the incredible Royal Backcare 1000 which you can buy for just £349, saving you £350! This brilliant bed is jam packed with a range of phenomenal features to ensure you receive the best night’s sleep possible. The vents of this mattress feature a chrome finish which makes for the best air circulation possible whilst also keeping your mattress fresh and your bodily temperature regulated. Comfort is truly maximised thanks to numerous elements like woolly fillings, polyester fillings that offer ultimate support and a mattress panel that knitted in the most tactile of ways. This, plus many more Sleepeezee beds for sale can be found in store all throughout our amazing Autumn sale, so check them out!

On top of our Sleepeezee beds for sale, another reliable brand that can be commonly found in our autumn sale is the wonderful Relyon with their range of brilliant beds and marvellous mattresses.

There’s No Easier Way Of Saving On Relyon Mattresses!

Have you been keeping your eye on a specific mattress of ours? Well now is the perfect time to treat yourself. With up to 50% off all mattresses including our Relyon mattresses and more, it’s mattress madness! We have been supplying the best Relyon mattresses for many years now, so we know a good mattress when we see one. One of the fantastic Relyon mattresses included in our super sale is the prestigious Relyon Memory Dream. As the name may suggest, the filling of choice for this mattress is memory foam, to match the memory dream! This marvellous material has the ability to respond to the contours of your body, making for unique yet astonishing comfort. The memory dream also boasts an innovative material in the form of Coolmax. Coolmax fabric is able to control your temperature as you sleep, meaning you won’t be too hot or too cold again. If this wasn’t enough for comfort, you can also look forward to 150mm of superflex comfort foam which makes for ultimate support and comfort. As well as the memory dream, you can find many more Relyon mattresses for you in our autumn sale.

So there you have it, our autumn sale is here! What are you waiting for? Visit any of our Prestige Bed shops in Blackburn and Burnley today to find the best Sleepeezee beds for sale or the best Relyon mattresses plus many more products from many more big name brands!