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Sale Extended: Uncover The Benefits Of Geltex & Memory Foam Beds For Sale

If you’re a follower of our Facebook & Twitter accounts, you’ll notice that due to the treacherous weather conditions we’ve experienced over the last couple of weeks & as a result of customers being unable to make it in store to bag their bargains, we’re extending our biggest sale EVER! With various types of beds for sale on offer, we want nothing more than our customers to choose the perfect product for them, whether that be Geltex or Memory Foam. In this article, we’ll be discussing the two materials and how you can benefit from each.

Geltex is a material made up of air-permeable foam and exceptionally elastic gel which is used in mattresses worldwide. Geltex is also the number one choice of mattress materials for many of our customers. The Geltex material which was developed by sleep experts offers a number of essential sleeping factors required for the perfect night’s sleep. Geltex provides maximum full body support, prestigious pressure relief and wonderful breathability thanks to a combination of characteristics including an open cell structure, advanced flexible properties and innovative elasticity.

You will find a number of high-quality Geltex beds for sale at Prestige Beds.

Revolutionise Your Sleep With Memory Foam Sleepeezee Beds For Sale

On the other hand, Memory Foam material was manufactured to mould into your bodily contours as you sleep before returning to normal once the pressure is taken away. Memory foam has proven popular across the globe, especially at Prestige Beds. Like Geltex, Memory Foam presents a variety of advantages to its users, including ample comfort as well as areas of targeted support to help reduce pains in the back and muscles. Also, Memory Foam sleepers will enjoy TOTAL movement freedom. This is because the support spreads weight as opposed to allowing your body to sink in the foam.

The Memory Foam material can be found in an extensive number of our products, including our Sleepeezee beds for sale for example. If you’re looking to enjoy Geltex or Memory Foam beds for sale in 2015, get down to any of our bed shops in Lancashire and hurray, our sale has entered its final couple of days!