Vispring Iris Headboard


Vispring Iris Headboard

Delivered in 8-10 weeks


About the Headboard:

The Iris Headboard by Vispring is a stunning addition to the prestige beds vispring range, the headboard features a beautiful curvature at the top of the board to give it an elegant feel, not only with the bed but the whole room itself. The bed is deeply upholstered which means your bed is built for extra comfort and support in bed. The iris headboard is also available in all of Vispring’s gorgeous hand finished fabrics, so you can suit your headboard to complement your bedroom décor or style. Vispring is also known for its values of excellence with not only its comfort but its craftsmanship. For this reason, the headboard is guaranteed for 5 years. Prestige Beds also ensures itself in making sure your bed is tailored to your style or needs, if you require a look at any other premium fabrics please feel free to call up today or come in store to see what we may offer.

If you are purchasing a headboard for an existing bed, please ensure you have the correct fixings.  For more guidance, please contact us on our website or call in store today.

Headboard Types:

For each headboard, you have a choice on how your board will fit/style your bed, find below our experts guide on headboard types…

Strutted Headboards – These use a strut for fixing. A piece of wood or metal that is fixed to the headboard and extends downwards. the open-ended slot is usually the fixing point for this type of headboards. The position of these headboards can be adjusted up or down to suit your needs.

Euro fitting Headboards – These can be fabric, metal or wood and sit directly on the floor. These type of headboards commonly have a slot in the main body of the headboard for the bolts to slide through. Euro fitting headboards are fixed in height and position so take care when choosing.

Bolt Through Headboards – These are very similar to the Euro Fitting Headboard as they offer the fantastic qualities of its floating down structure to meet perfectly with the base of the divan but offers a stronger quality of bolts to ensure the headboard is kept in a strong position with no room of lean or movement thanks to its extra strength quality bolts.


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